This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Sack him! He's a Catholic!

Some people - priests, doctors, teachers, composers, poets, engineers, maybe even some journalists - have real jobs.

Others, such as Anthony Annett, Assistant to the Director at the International Monetary Fund's Communications Department, don't. Imagine being on your deathbed and saying "I wish I had worked harder at my life's vocation of assisting the director - if I had made tea for him more often, he could have done more directing, and the IMF could have made more communications. I would have been remembered with gratitude by future generations."

Antony Annett

Tony's also into "sustainable development". Note the sustainable triffid grown from seed.

So, feeling at a loose end, Annett called for an interdict to be imposed on EWTN until they get rid of Raymond Arroyo. This is because of certain criticisms made of "Paradigm" Cupich and "2+2=5" Spadaro - fairly mild criticisms, really. No accusations that they are directly in the pay of Satan, no claims stronger than the obvious ones that they talk total garbage much of the time.


Spadaro has also joined in the witch-hunt.

But that's the way things are these days for a certain breed of bullies. I don't like what they say, so get them sacked! Admittedly, when it comes to clergy the situation is a little different - James Martin SJ manages to pour out his heresies and blasphemy unhindered (apart from being uninvited by organizations that booked him thinking he was a celebrity chef), because neither Cardinal Dolan nor General Sosa is prepared to take action, in case it actually turns out to be the other one's duty.

James Martin (chef)

James Martin (chef), author of "Building a fridge".

Now there are rumours going round that all blogs written by Catholic clergy will need to be approved by the Vatican. It's not clear whether this blog will be affected, although I may be asked to return the red biretta I stole from the Vatican locker-room. But some of the less hagiographic clerical bloggers may get horses heads' in their beds, and little notes in green ink saying "Annett doesn't like you."

Anyway, Arroyo - author of "The Mother Angelica I knew", "Mother Angelica and the Chamber of Secrets", "What ho, Mother!" and "Mother on the Orient Express" (that's enough Arroyo books), is one of the good guys. So lay off him, Annett!

Arroyo and Mother Angelica

"How about a Mother Angelica keep-fit book? No? Shame."

Remember, if it's a matter of asking people's bosses to sack them, when you don't like what they say, it would be very wrong to pray to the Almighty, asking Him to deliver a new Pope.


  1. I am not asking for a new pope; just a Catholic one. It's for the Lord to decide how this is to be accomplished.

    1. Oh wouldn't it be luverly !

      It will happen...we just need to wait patiently..A big broom is needed and a lot of elbow grease and scrub a dub dub for a huge spring clean !

  2. Do any of us like disgusting whiny baby toadies? The ones who run to teacher to tattle about little Jonny running in the hall? No. We can't stand that kid, and that's how these NWO types operate. They're all a bunch of sissies, and supremely annoying. That we have a priest, calling for a man to lose his income, his position, that he has worked at for decades, it's pretty stunning. They call for mercy but they don't show any.
    Raymond has already showed who he is now. Everybody's got to choose, and he chose well. Good on him, and God bless him. If EWTN changes anything, it will be obvious, and they will go into decline because of it. I hope they choose well.

  3. The Vatican should impose an interdict on itself. If Mother Angelica were still here I'm sure she'd say something about "blowing the place up" and probably the "place" would not be in reference to EWTN this time around.

  4. Where can I find a copy of "Mother Angelica and the Chamber of Secrets"? Is it on Amazon?

  5. Hey! No problem. WE know where he lives!

  6. Wouldn't be the first time a Catholic blog had been shut down because someone in the hierarchy didn't like what it was saying.....

  7. "Remember, if it's a matter of asking people's bosses to sack them, when you don't like what they say, it would be very wrong to pray to the Almighty, asking Him to deliver a new Pope."
    A daily prayer.