This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Damain gets a letter

Well, I has allways maintained dat Farver Arfur was a real preist, and not de escapped loony wot people is lookin for, and todday we got de proof. De Pop wrote a letter to Damain Thopmson, sayin dat our dear freind was reely a preist after all.

Pop writin to Damain

Dis prooves once and for all dat Farver Arfur is a geniune preist. I was expecttin dis cosstume holly man to fank me for supportin him threw thick and thin, but he is a moddest man, and whenevver I makes a comment on Damain's blogg sayin dat I never doutbed him, he gets de muddlerators to dellete it.

Farver Arfur has shown us dat he has uvver powers, dat aint normally givven to preists unless dey is in good stand-in, for example he is able to levittate as well.

Levitatin preist

I fink I also saw a great lihgt shinin down from Heaven, and an angle dat fluttered down and said "VERILLY, DIS MAN IS INDEED A PREIST, BUSTER." But it may have been a trick of de lihgt.

We asked Arfur who his Bishopp was, but he aint too keen to tell us. I has done some enquirries, and I fink it may be dis man. He is wearin a Babble-onion fiz hat and givvin a Cathlic blessin

Arfur's bishopp

While Farver Arfur was visittin us, we got a tellephon call from a lady, who said "Can you come ruond, Farver, and give de last rites to my Grandad?" Arfur refussed, sayin dat de old man in questoin was a miserabble sinner wot werent worth forgivvin. Anyway, he cuoldnt leave his lapptopp rihgt now as he had to read Damain's blogg and report all de comments on it. Farver Arfur sure knows what his spiritaul priorities are.

My bruvver Bosco is very jealuos, as bein saved he is expectin recognitoin any time now (de Rapture) while Arfur, who is a Cathlic, gonna go SPLOSH into de Lake of Fire. Indeed, my darlin bruvver has explaned dat, as a saved pusson, he is gonna be one of de Jugdes when de Day of Jugdement comes. In readdiness for dis, he has got hisself a jugde's wigg, aldough I aint fuond no mentoins of wiggs in de Bibble.

Bosco in wigg

I was askin Bosco whevver I cuold be a jugde too, cos I is also saved. He is gonna ask Jessus whevver idoits can be jugdes as well (I dont reely undderstand dis comment).


  1. Hello, Eccles. I thought I would drop in to commiserate about the muddlerating.

  2. Ullo, Jaddis, yes I aint havvin much luck with signing de praises of Farver Arfur on Damain's blogg.