This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 19 December 2011

De coral signers

De Calumny Chappel has organized some coral signing, in order to raise money for a good charitty (dis year we is payin for Pastor Macaroni to get a forged passport and flee de cuontry). What we does is knocks on doors at 11 p.m. and says to de poeple wot answers "Give us de money buster or we gonna sign 'Away in a Mangler' very luod and wake up all your kids."

Satisfied cusstomer

Dat's a typical satisfied cusstomer after Bosco has sung a lollaby fortisimmo frew his letter box.

Sometimes we signs corals what Bosco has adappted for saved poeple to sign, like dis one:

While shehperds watched dere flocks by nihgt,
Dey wasn't saved like us,
Cos everyfink we says is right,
And everyfink we does.

Anti Moly came along too, even dough she aint relligiuos, as de opportunity of screeming "Woeful" into poeple's letterboxes was too good to miss.

Moly screemin at door

We allso got some support from Farver Arfur. He is still in hidin from Richard Dakwins, but one of Dakwins's pals has just died, so perhaps he wont be commin to look for Farver Arfur dis week. Anyways, Farver Arfur felt dat it was safe to come out, providded dat he wore a disgiuse. For a proffesionnal cosstume holly man, it was quite easy to find siutable vestments for de Advent seasson.

Farver Arfur

Unforttunatly, Farver Arfur interrupted one of our carols, sayin in a stern vioce: "At 11.30 p.m. todday you said 'Hark de Harold Angles sign.' Since it is still 6 days before Chrisstmas, you shuold know dat de Harold Angles didnt say nuffink at dis perriod, but was respecttfully sillent. I advisses you to do de same, if you wisshes to be recognissed as Chritsians. It is a serriuos heressy if you corruppts de meanin of Holly Scriptture and prettends dat dere was angles signin dis early. Indeed, artticle 2733058 of de Catacoms of de Churhc says dat you shuold be burned at de steak for dat."

Luckily, we aint Cathlics, but Farver Arfur is a good man, and if he dont get arrested by Dakwins, he says dat he is gonna apply for a job wiv de Inquisitoin, so dat he can spend de rest of his life bein nassty to people.

Dis is what Cathlics does to people who sings "Hark de Harold Angles" too soon.

Cathlic torcher

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