This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Father Rosica is saved

Following accusations of repeated plagiarism, Fr Thomas Rosica of the Satan Lite media corporation has made a statement:

"I totally deny these accusations of plagiarism. I am a writer of great originality, as can be seen by the list of projects I am working on:

Farrell and Rosica

'What a coincidence! I've never heard of McCarrick either!'

1. A 'Rosica is saved' blog, in which I take a spiritually nourishing look at religion. For example, I am currently running a 'World Cup of Bad Catholic Journalists' in which people are invited to decide between Ivereigh, Lamb, Martin, Mickens, Reese, Spadaro, Winters etc. Not me, of course!

2, A new 'Father R's blog', where I also sell 'Fabulous Friar' coffee, and answer QUAERITURs such as 'A highly-revered "Catholic" voice thinks that God may be a homosexual. Can you recommend a good psychiatrist?' Also I RANT occasionally - usually when my anger-management class is cancelled.


'Why do you say that Our Lord wasn't an atheist?'

3. A 'Continuity of Hermeneutics' blog. I got the idea of writing this while taking a holiday in Margate.

4. 'Father Rosica's Liturgical Notes' in which I write very learned things that you won't understand.

5. A book called 'Building a viaduct', in which I explain that 'gay sex' should be encouraged as much as possible. Especially among Jesuits.

6. Another project that occurred to me was to write a piece called Amoral Letitia, or Adultery made simple. That hasn't been done yet, has it?

Rosica and Pope

'Hmm... this reminds me of something, Tom.'

7. I thought I might also take some large chunks of the Bible and Catholic Catechism, and string them together in a Manifesto of Faith. I'm surprised that nobody ever thought of doing that!

8. There are more theological works in the pipeline: The Impersonation of Christ, Confessions of a Priest, Summa Holidaya, the Apocalypse of St Rosie ...

I am grateful to Eccles for allowing me to put the record straight. And so is my brother Bosco."


  1. Fr Rosica is not savd, only I is savd.

    And where is the next chapters of the Book of Brexodus ?

    1. You're right, I should do some more Brexodus, when I can work out what's going on.

  2. Laughinggg so hrd i can hardly typeee.