This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Diarmuid Martin punishes all his clergy

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has finally shaken off the labels "weak", "spineless" and "pathetic", which he has received so many times, and taken action. He has at last punished the entire clergy of his Archdiocese for affirming Catholic teaching.

It began quietly enough, when he disciplined Fr James Larkin for being dangerously pro-life. Fr Larkin had spoken against the Irish referendum, and pointed out that anyone who had voted "yes" (through ignorance, through weakness, through their own deliberate fault, as the Anglican Prayer Book puts it) should regard this as a sin and go to Confession.

Molesworth cartoon

Diarmuid Martin, Dublin's Iron Man.

Now, however, the good Archbishop has noticed that many of his priests are expressing dangerously pro-life attitudes; the others, less interested in the question whether babies in the womb should be dismembered, are still receiving confessions, or at least conducting masses in which the "Kyrie" is present. "Better be on the safe side," he said today, "and punish the lot of them."

There are of course difficulties in exiling several hundred priests to Craggy Island, or dumping them on the Loreto sisters in Rathfarnham, but the good archbishop is working hard to find a solution. The other problem is that Irish churches will no longer have priests to offer Mass: however, in the era of Diarmuid most Catholics have stopped attending church anyway, so this may not be a serious difficulty.

Varadkar and Diarmuid

Well done, thou good and faithful servant!

It is not known how Archbishop Martin himself voted on the 8th Amendment Referendum; at the time he made very vague pro-life noises, but obviously the whole point of the Catholic Church is that it should stay in step with whatever secular government is in power. Did not Jesus say "Render unto Caesar whatever he asks of you: God really isn't bothered"?

Many priests in the Dublin Archdiocese are angry with the archbishop for his decision to exile them. One at least has taken the matter into his own hands, or rather feet.

Kicking Bishop Brennan

The martrydom of Archbishop Diarmuid.

In view of the wide dislike for Dublin's spiritual leader expressed by ordinary Catholics, it cannot be long before Pope Francis makes him a cardinal. It worked for Cupich.


  1. +Martin always had a foot in the Bergoglio Camp, now he has put both his feet in it. I read recently that the red hat will go to Dublin as it is the capital & after WMOF he is assured of it. Hopefully Lumen Fidei meeting will overshadow it completely. Great Catholic speakers in comparison to Fr. Martin, ++Cupich & the blaspheming, heretical but all-merciful PF.

  2. Good one Ana....hopefully they will have a much better turn out at Lumen Fidei and an empty house at the WMOF. Maybe the all merciful Francis will require all prelates to attend so that he can at least have a head count, not to mention his most supportive fan club.

    Oh and just a btw....somebody posted a tweet today about PF strolling around the streets of Rome and nobody took any notice. But I'm wondering if they didn't mean to say 'wandering aimlessly' around the streets of Rome, but???

  3. A pox on all these apostates. They are disgusting. They make Mormonism look interesting by comparison. We won't give one red penny to this stinking Francis-Church.

  4. Diarmuid Martin's position on abortion has been questionable since a priest resigned from Mater Dei Hospital over its decision to accept Government policy on abortion. DM just wanted clarification! See:

    It is said that the Irish hierarchy did not speak out strongly on abortion as due to their reputation gained over the abuse issue they thought that anything they said would be counter-productive. However if you have lost the confidence of your flock to such an extent should you not resign to make way for people who do have their confidence?

  5. Pro life, anti gay marriage, anti female ordination, three queasy topics for 1st world bishops NOT 3rd world bishops.