This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Vatican sale - everything must go!

The first we heard of this was on Wednesday, via Edward Pentin who bothers to read Vatican press releases so that we don't have to. The Vatican is broke, and everyone is taking a pay cut. Cardinals will have their salaries cut by 10% (surely it would be simpler to give redundancy notices to 10% of the cardinals? I can give you a list) and the ordinary workers suffer cuts of 8% down to 3%.

It is not recorded what pay cuts popes (current and emeritus) will be taking - a real missed opportunity for Francis to show how humble he is. This may be because questions may be asked about why we need both a pope and an emeritus pope. What do I know?

Francis and Benedict

"Now, I'm afraid that one of you will have to go."

Next week's Motu proprio will give details of the Vatican fire sale to raise more funds. The faithful are no longer sending in Peter's Pence, since they are being spent on unpleasant films like Confessions of a Rocketman - and Elton John's sequels, involving Busman, Cabman and Bicycleman, don't sound any better.

I have already bought the tombs of three saints, which will go in my living-room once I have removed all the other furniture. I was hoping for some prestigious ones such as Pius V from Santa Maria Maggiore, but mine are obscure ones such as Pope Wilton III, Pope Jimbo XVII and Pope Ted, of whom most people have never even heard.

I also bought a popemobile - well, not the popemobile, just a unicycle that Pope Francis uses for exercise, or so I am told by his totally reliable business manager "Honest Giovanni" Becciu. My neighbours give me admiring glances as I cycle round the garden, bless them, and then fall off into the compost heap.

Late News: I am getting increasingly annoyed at a succession of itinerant priests who wander into my living room and say Mass at the tombs there. I don't care if you've been thrown out of St Peter's Basilica, you're not coming here. And get out of my kitchen - that's a refrigerator, not a sarcophagus.


The whited sepulchre of Pope Bosch.


  1. I presume that Casa Santa Marta is running a deficit because of not enough customers and deadbeats not paying their outstanding bills. Will the Casa sue the Papa for his stay there for almost nine years rather than in the rent-free papal apartment in the apostolic palace (a perq as pope)?

  2. Possibly some oil-rich Muzzies can buy the whole shebang, turning the Sistine Chapel and surrounding area into a museum and St. Peter's Basilica into a madrassa, white-washing over or covering up whatever offends and moving removeable items to the museum (former Sistine Chapel).

  3. Maybe PF will turn St Peter's into the Holy Global See of the Abrahamic Faiths.

  4. This was so funny. I was laughing so much. Thank you, Eccles. One of your best.