This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Muslims offended by Fireman Sam

Following the bizarre incident in which the Fireman Sam programme was found guilty of Islamophobic "hate crime" after one character trod on a page from the Koran, other characters from children's programmes have got themselves into trouble.

Fireman Sam

"Sorry, I thought it was just an Arabic translation of Amoris Laetitia."

First up is Thomas the Tank Engine, where the introduction of a locomotive called Mohammed the Muslim Engine has been seen as a direct insult to the Prophet, especially as this engine is used to transport "unclean" meat, including sausages and bacon. However, the producers of the show had in fact made a special effort to appease Islamic fundamentalists, as the picture below shows.

train under wraps

Fatima the Express Train was made to wear a burka.

The Teletubbies, Messrs Tinky-Winky (possibly homosexual), Dipsy (clearly a heavy drinker), Laa-Laa (named after the atheist icon, Lalla Ward?) and Po (probably a coded reference to "Mo") are also in receipt of a fatwah, for embodying virtually all the vices known to Muslims.


Symbols of western decadence.

Finally, one more children's programme that has been deemed to cause offence to Muslims is the Canadian TV show The Holy and Blessed Coren, in which the hero, Michael Coren, tries out a new religion every week. Oh dear.

Michael Coren

"Read my book Why Muslims are Right!"


  1. I really do think you should have a warning on this blog.

    "Do not read unless you are prepared to collapse laughing".

    Of course some of the points are beyond funny but you still deal well with them. Others are just hilarious. Perhaps you should get a show on the BBC. Ok. Maybe not.

    I look forward to returning to the blog. But only when laughing uncontrollably is allowed.


  2. If we want our children’s entertainment to be more accessible to immigrant families, an essential step will be to get rid of the pigs. Miss Piggy in the Muppets and Piglet in Winnie the Pooh are two that will have to go, for a start. Then there’s that hideous moment in Alice in Wonderland when Alice is (literally) left holding a baby and finds it has somehow turned into a pig, but instead of dropping it in horror she carries on holding the unclean creature in her arms! And whoever can have been so insensitive as to make that pair of unashamedly porcophile films Babe and Pig in the City, with a pig in the starring role.

    At a later stage it will be necessary to deal with that extensive series of grossly insensitive, allegedly “humorous” novels and short stories by P.G. Wodehouse, such as Pigs Have Wings, which revolve around the animal named Empress of Blandings and her chances of winning the silver medal in the Fat Pigs class at the annual Shropshire Agricultural Show.

  3. I don't think our brothers muslims are really this bad. I mean, look at what happened last sunday, imams told them to attend mass on catholic churches and they did. Granted, one out of three asked the imam if they needed to bring knives or AK47, but it's a start.

  4. It was a great try on the part of Fireman Sam and his crew. How else was anyone going to get the Pope to read the Koran?