This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 26 January 2018

The Pope Francis book of vegetables

Everyone should explore the Pope Francis Lexicon, in which a bunch of oddballs, alt-Catholics, freaks, heretics, Protestants, loonies and "insightful contributors" each write on one-word themes favoured by the Pope. Readers may expect articles on Alzheimer's, Coprophagy, and neo-Pelagianism (all terms favoured by the Holy Father), but instead they will find Curia, Dignity, and Gossip, to pick three at random.

Pope Francis lexicon

I'm still cracking up over "Insightful contributors".

However there is now a new book out, which promises to be both bodily and spiritually nourishing. It's the Pope Francis book of vegetables, in which insightful contributors write about the vegetables that have influenced the Pope's thought.

We only have space for three excerpts.

ASPARAGUS, by Tina Beattie.

Asparagus to most of us is a phallic symbol, which typifies the misogynistic hegemony of the Vatican. The Mass is an act of homosexual intercourse, and who can eat asparagus without being reminded of this? Although Pope Francis has done a lot to modernize the Catholic Church, his gynophobia will be seen as a blot on his rule. "Tina, can you do the flower arranging next Sunday?" they say to me, when what they should be saying is "Tina, can you celebrate Mass for us, drop the bit about God, and explain to us why the whole point of Catholicism is women's rights?" Asparagus!! I hate it!!


Human nourishing, human flourishing, ... whatever.

BEANS, by Massimo Faggioli.

Although my main diet is "gelato", or ice-cream, eminent professors of theology cannot live by ice-cream alone, and so my incredibly large brain is often fuelled by a plate of beans. Runner beans, broad beans, baked beans, kidney beans... all these help me understand the way that the Catholic Church has been moving, ever since it was founded in 1965. You will observe that the right-wing fundamentalist extremists who disagree with me hardly ever eat platefuls of beans, and it may be this that explains their spiritual blindness. Pope Francis is a man who looks to the future, and realises that the past never happened. The future is beans, not has-beans (an intellectual's little joke there!)

baked beans

The 57 varieties, replacing the 10 commandments.

POTATOES, by James Martin.

The word "potato" is often used as a homophobic slur against the LGBT movement, because all words are. Still, many modern theologians tell me that Jesus was very fond of potatoes, and that the "bread" of the Last Supper is a mistranslation for "fries". But back to more important things, namely, the need for all of us to embrace homosexuals, especially in church. Pope Francis has appointed me as his special adviser on potatoes, gay issues, and building bridges - and I have been asked to keep an eye open for new interpretations we can put on the Bible - and it will not be long before we have a gay pope!


Three potatoes of the same sex in a loving relationship.

For more in-depth articles, including Cupich on Spinach, Radcliffe on Radishes, and Ivereigh on Turnips, see the book.


  1. "Wretches, utter wretches; keep your hands off beans!"- Empedocles of Kragas

    How's that for philosophy? But Empedocles is unsaved.

  2. (posted here because I think academic integrity and truth matter, Professor Partington.)

    1. Or maybe I am Marcantonio Colonna.

    2. Not to interfere with this turning the other cheeks, but I started reading the second pdf linked, and the first citation is from the gospel of Bartholomew. Are you sure this is a good defense against people saying you are not catholic? Maybe you cited it to tear apart the un-catholic bits or ignore them, in such a case I stand corrected. If OTOH your assumption is that somebody in the old church has perverted the real truth(tm) which is present in other works, then I am afraid you will always be attacked by those who find the old church more rationally catholic than contemporary theologians, especially those that shares a similar position of many actual enemies of the church.

  3. Very funny but even funnier is the list of words and commentators at:


  4. As the famous Choir, "The Beatles", once sang, "happiness... is a gay pope."
    They also sang, "Eleanor Rigsby was the priest in a church where a gay wedding had been...."
    They were prescient and before their time.

  5. Those spuds need to be mashed and served up with faggots and peas.

  6. I object to the exclusion of and discrimination against the sweet potato in the pomme de terre menage
    a trois. Fr Martin shows lack of empathy for the potato family and need to acquaint himself with the food bible.