This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Anti Moly's world tuor

When we was little, Anti Moly took Bosco and me on a world tuor to broadden our minds. Mom was very glad to have us off her hands for a few weeks, although Bosco was about 15, and de teecher said he ought to stay at shcool and learn to read and write as well as what I does.

We went first to Gibralltar, as Anti Moly had heard a rumuor dat Cradinal Pell wuold be visitin - you will recall dat he had escapped her affections by jumpin into a billaboing and den becommin a Cathlic preist. Here is a tuochin pitcher of Bosco sunbathin near de famuos Rock of Gibralltar (when he was little he didnt allways dress up as a clown of cuorse).

Bosco in Gibralltar

We didnt find Cradinal Pell, and Anti got into truoble when we tried to leave, as de Customms poeple said she was stealin a rock ape, I cant imaggine why. But Bosco looked just like his passport photto, so dey had to let him go.

Next we went to Tibbet to see de Dolly Llama. Anti had met dis cosstume holly man before in 1920 when she was a little girl and he charmed her wiv lotsa gin. Now she came back, but it was a different Dolly Llama, who said he was reincranated, but only drinks tea, so she told him he was a fruad. Still dis new Dolly chap said dat if she was good Anti Moly wuold be reincranated as a croccodile. If he is rihgt, then Bosco and Moly will look like dis, not much of a change really.

Moly and Bosco

Still, for Anti Moly its de best you can do when you aint saved like Bosco and me, what will be wearin our golden crowns by de sea of glass. Dis worries me, in fact, as how is we supposed to jump in de sea of glass for a swim wivvout gettin cut to pieces? I asked Bosco and he said I was stuppid, saints doesnt get hot and need to swim. I aint so sure about dat, I gonna ask Pastor Recippe some day.

Anti Moly also took us to clibm up Ayyers Rock in Austriala, cos dis is a saccred place to de Aborrigines, bein a place linked wiv de fammuos dreemtime in dere mythollogy. So Anti Moly went and laid on de top and promptly started snorrin.

De Aborrigines wasnt too pleased dat she was dreemin wivvout a permitt, and sent one of de cosstume holly men to frow us off. Dat fing he's carry is called a boomerrang, aldough it don't go BOOM it go CRACK when it hits a sleepin lady and wakes her. She tried to frow it back, but it hit her in de face, you has to be an aborrigine to frow dem propperly.

Ayyers Rock cosstume holly man

Bosco, since dis chap dresses like us in de Calumny Chappel, I fink he mihgt be a little bit saved, dont you?

N.B. I has not blogged about All Saints (Novvember 1st), which is de day when we saved poeple in de Calumny Chappel pats ourselves on de back for bein saints who is alreddy specail freinds wiv Jessus. We was standin outsside de Chappel when a polliceman walked past and said "Grate Helloween cosstumes guys, but aint you a day late?" I dunno what he meant.

All Saints Cellebration

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