This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Suol for sale

Well, after yesterdday's news, we fuoght dat Bosco had got it made. Mr Mepphisto was prepared to buy Bosco's suol in exchange for supplyin him with unlimmited wealth, girls, and cement doves. But Mepphisto decidded to do some market resaerch, viz readin Bosco's luvvly blogg, and so he withdrew de offer, sayin "Ho hum, it seems dat we is gonna be getting your suol in de end, anyways." You just can't trust devills, can you?

Dis has blown a big hole in Bosco's spendin plans, as de econommists say, and means dat his idea of retirin to a troppical paradise wiv some concupines has got to be put on hold. A pity, as I had been readin de brochures, and I fuond just de place for him.

Bosco island

Still, suols is worth monney, so Bosco decidded to put his on Ebbay. We was gonna adverttise it as "A simple soul," but it seems dat dere's a Fluabert chap who is also sellin his, so we got compettition.

Simple suol

We aint got many offers yet for dis valauble commoddity of Bosco's.

Now Anti Moly has been complainin about possums on de roof and a clique of traddy Cathlic sockpoppets under de bed. Dey is keepin her awake until 5 a.m. every nihgt, so she aint got nuffin to do but take a bottle of gin and start bloggin. De doctor said it was Dellirium Tremendous, but Anti insisted dat she was as sober as a newt, so we looked under her bed, and out crawled Bosco. He had been feelin so humilliated dat he went and hid dere. Dont worry, dere bruvver Bosco, we will find a buyer for your suol.

Bosco under bed

"I told you dat dere was somefink under my bed," screeched Anti Moly, althuogh in fact Bosco is as far from bein a traddy Cathlic as it is possible to be wivvout actaully wearin a bone thruogh de nose and doin humman scarifices (Bosco dont do that no more, cos he is saved). Later on we looked on de roof as well, and dere was indeed a possum jumpin up and down.


Anti Moly finks dat it will make a very nice pie, she reely appreciattes Austrialan wildlife.

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