This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I got stimgata

I aint feelin too well at pressent. I has got nasty wuonds on my skin and dey hurts. My dere bruvver Bosco (who got his own probblems as I will rellate) says dat dey is stimgata, like Paddy Pio got, an dis means I is saved.

Bosco was very kind to me, yesterdday he gave me a luvly prodduct called Nittric Acid Handwash, which he told me I cuold rub on uvver parts of de boddy as well. Dis is to keep me clene and hygeinic.


Anyways, todday I got de stimgata. So I knows I is saved like dat Irrish chap Paddy Pio.

But poor Bosco has still got probblems to do wiv howlin at de Moon (I knew dat sayin "BITE ME" wuold lead to trubble). Here is a new photto of him.

Bosco and dicsiple

Dis is some dame wot turned up to see Bosco. She had read Bosco's luvvly blogg and wanted more advisse on being saved. For some reasson she didnt stay verry long. Probabbly she decidded dat de path to salivation is too dificult.

I said to Bosco dat he was turnin into a cosstume howly man (dat's a joke), but he just told me to shut up. I fink Bosco is jeallous at de sparklin wit dat his little bruvver is cappable of.

Bosco and me went to de docttor togevver, and de cosstume healie man (annuver joke, you sure is doin well todday, Eccles) said dat I needed some ointtment for burns. So Bosco is kindly gonna get somefink for me from de farmersee. De docttor said dat dere is a surggical treetment possible for Bosco's probblem, but it involves bein shot wiv a silvver bullet, and dat suonds paneful.

I will blogg more about my Anti Moly soon, but she was up all last nihgt screemin at de internnet, dis hobby of hers is very exhuastin for all of us. I took an exclussive pitcher of her computter, de site of so much happy roflin.

Anti's computter


  1. Ullo Bosco dere bruvver, how nice to here from you. De reeders of dis blogg comes here mostly to see how saved poeple like you and me procclaims de message of Jessus.

  2. Dear Eccles,

    Since I have just noticed the nasty and very dirty comment by Bosco here,could I point out that I will no longer visit your blog if you allow such filth to stand. The man is obviously unhinged. Thank you.

  3. Dere Rabit, Bosco is just expressin his bruvverly luv in de way he knows best. If you is saved, den de world can tell it by de way you writes.

  4. I has deleted bruvver Bosco's comment, as it was insulltin de Rabit, and we doesnt insullt poeple on dis blogg. Bosco is very sorry dat he lost controll.