This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Met Gala's "Heavenly Bodies" offends the faithful

An "art" exhibition in New York, backed by His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and described as the epitome of non-religious Catholicism, has caused almost universal disgust in the Catholic world. Models wearing costumes that show no taste or sensitivity have been on display.

On a blog such as this, intended for family reading, we do not normally show rude pictures, but on this occasion we shall make an exception. The real shocker was to see fancy dress such as the following, which can only be described as "blasphemous".

women bishops

Rihanna and friends dress up as bishops.

Contrast this with the quiet dignity shown by a senior Anglican bishop who put in an appearance.


Dame Sarah Mullally, Anglican Bishop of London.

However, the promoter of "Heavenly Bodies" had many other horrors up his sleeve.

Kate Bottley

Barbara Windsor from "Carry on Nurse", transformed into a mock-priest.

Still, it was not just the female models who caused offence. Jim Martin, a male model, writer of trashy books, and notorious bridge-builder, took part dressed as a Jesuit priest, and he even managed to fool some people into thinking he was the real thing.

James Martin

An obscene parody of a Catholic priest.

"How could the Vatican allow displays such as this?" you may ask - surely, one of the worst distortions of Catholicism since the bishops of England and Wales decided to speak out on the Alfie Evans case? Why, even Piers Morgan, not normally thought of as a strait-laced Catholic, was horrified. As with many things that emanate from the Vatican, the explanation is beyond us.

Tobin, Farrell, Cupich

Three extras from the new "Pope Francis" film turn up dressed as cardinals.

The actors in the above photo managed to gatecrash the event by persuading the organizers that they were real cardinals, but the mistake became obvious once they opened their mouths.

Fortunately, Cardinal Dolan was on hand, and he always knows how to maintain the dignity of a Prince of the Church.

Dolan, Rockettes

Liturgical dancing.


  1. Dolan & Martin's Laugh-In.

  2. They have managed to scandalize the faithful, which is saying something today. A new low.

  3. Then there was an after gay-la party at Lot's house - he had some awesome-looking visitors! A night to remember!

  4. Even for the collapsed Church after Vatican II and under Pope Francis the Destroyer - this is pretty bad.

  5. Eccles, this was giggle packed. "He even managed to fool some people into thinking he was the real thing. LOL! .

  6. Actual events are rendering satire redundant.

  7. Even homeless elderly women shamefully participated in this event. There was a group of them on a bus who said they were nuns.

  8. Where was Christoph ? Danneels ?

    ...and people say Cardinal Burke and then pope Benedict dressed too fancy. Did I miss any red loafers ?

    And suddenly New Orleans Mardi Gras seems, well, toned down and respectful.

    I am reminded of your cartoon from earlier this year, with Pope Emeritus seated and reading the morning news. I don't suppose he gets left over Sunday (NY) Times fashion section left over by Gorgeous.
    I dare not wonder what troubles George would have gotten himself into had he not been reined in by Ratzinger. Clearly he has too much idle time these days.

  9. Or,'difficile est saturam non scribere'.

  10. This whole endeavor is nothing but a poke in your Catholic eye and mine, by the men who run our church. All the way up to and including Bergolio, their venom for God and faith and the sheep, is now patently obvious.