This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 3 January 2020

Judas Iscariot SJ - a new biography

St Jon M. Sweeney has written a biography of Judas Iscariot SJ, the misunderstood disciple, LGBT pioneer, and top theologian; it is called Judas Iscariot: In the Company of Jesus, and is published today!

Going to Amazon (in a non-synodal capacity), we found three very enthusiastic reviews of this new book.

James Martin biography

Already nominated Book of the Year!

"Here's what I can't help but love about Judas Iscariot: his refreshing new teachings, so different from listening to what Christ had to say, so honest, so alive and unfurling. Father Judas's love for money (30 pieces of silver for each book published) impels him to talk nonstop about the virtues of an LGBTQ lifestyle. Courage, Judas. I've been wibbling on about the death penalty for 90-plus years (oh, nobody cares about you, Sister Bluejean). When you love talking, you stay in dialogue."

Sister Swinging Bluejean, CSJ, Author of lots of stuff about people being executed.

Swinging Blue Jeans

A relic from the swinging 60s.

"St Jon M. Sweeney has composed a detailed, fascinating portrait of one of our great spiritual leaders, Judas Iscariot. From a not very religious family and after a stint on the Galilee Stock Exchange, Martin heard the unlikely call to the 12 Disciples. This led to his blossoming into a best-selling author and a controversial spokesperson for welcoming LGBTQI+ persons to the Church. It’s a gift to nonbelievers who want to stay that way, as well as helping devout Catholics who are planning to lapse."

Mary Karraphas, poet and memoirist, author of various books that we've never heard of.

"[Fill in name here] is one of the most important voices in Christian spirituality today and [Fill in name here]'s story of his life and his work will, I promise, make you want to be a [better/worse] person. We need to define what Christian discipleship means in the present moment. This book will help you do that."

Ronald Hellraiser, author of far too much already.

Ronald Rolheiser

Fr Ron demonstrates the new Vatican-approved way of fighting off unwanted pilgrims.


  1. Swinging Blue Jeans, that's a blast from the past....I used to have a single of theirs which I played on my Dansette.

  2. In 1972, our 2nd year Music teacher, in an effort to show us'Prog-Rock' afficianados, that he, too, was "hip to the scene" and "with it" (not unlike our priests at the time with the 'new' Folk Mass) brought in a single to play. I will never forget the look on everyone's faces as 'Hippy, Hippy Shake' started to play....

  3. Judas Iscariot - who am I to judge? (Sister Aurora Borealis, who is an old hippy in more ways than one!)