This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Same-sex marriage preparation

Gay wedding

Dave and Nick on their wedding day.

Hello, I'm Father Pat, and you must be Dave and Nick, eh? I'm so glad that you could drop round for some pre-marriage instruction. Since it became the law that churches must marry any couple requesting it (human rights, wasn't it?) we've been welcoming all sorts of people. You're very much in love, aren't you?

Dave: Yes, it was love at first sight. We began with a simple coalition, but now we want to go the whole way.

Pat: And what do your families think?

Nick: Well, mine are mostly supportive. Dave's family is more traditionally-minded, though. There's Auntie Maggie for one. I don't think she'll be leaving us much in her will!

Uncle Norman

Uncle Norman won't be coming to the wedding.

Pat: Now, the church has put together a marriage service for you, as we had no real choice, once the police had shot Cardinal O'Brien and Lord Carey. There are some really fine Biblical readings here.

Dave: Yes, I'm a little unhappy about Genesis 19, describing the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Pat: Oh, all weddings have this now, so you're not being discriminated against.

Lot's wife

Mrs Lot, an unfortunate wedding guest.

Nick: Also, the reading from Matthew 19. Do we have to have the bit where Christ says that marriage is between a man and a woman?

Pat: I'm afraid so. Also Romans 1, where St Paul gives us a pep talk on morality. Now tell me, are you planning to have children?

Dave: Oh I do hope so. I came from a large family myself. I had nine brothers, and what tearaways we were, eh? Especially Boris.

Ten naughty boys

Ten very naughty children.

Nick: Yes, they drank too much and then did a lot of damage - trashing schools, hospitals, universities, railways, banks,... But in the end, Dave always knew that he'd pay for it.

Pat: Well, that's water under the bridge now. Let me show you a photo from a wedding I conducted last week.

Kiss the bride

You may now kiss the bride.

Dave: I think I can handle that part. Of course the bit we're really nervous about is the honeymoon afterwards.


The honeymoon.

Pat: So romantic.

Nick: We see ourselves as a modern Romeo and Julian.

Dave: Or Tristan and Isidore.

Nick: Or Napoleon and Joseph.


Pat: Blimey, it's the missus. O.K. we'd better end now.


  1. darling eccles, I gavver from the Guvmint that we should be able to marry anyone we loves - good job Bosco don't love you no more xx jess

    1. I fink Bosco would be happier marryin Anti Moly, Jess.

    2. darling eccles, dey would help two other couples not to be unhappy xx Jess

    3. Of course i love my little brother.


  3. I feel I should protest about the cruel use of the notorious Bullingdon photo above. Regardless of copyright considerations, do you not feel for those poor innocent hedge fund managers and property speculators standing near Boris and Dave. In the normal course of things no one would know that they had in the foolishness of youth, sported mullets?

    1. Wossa mullet? Is dat like a fish hat, which Bosco's freinds wears?

  4. I knew it. Say Eccles, you found the man of your dreams? Congrats. Of course im best man. Which one of you do i give the customary cigar to?

    1. You has got a little confussed dere, bruvver Bosco. I fink you need to go and see Fr X. Pell De Mons agian.