This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

When Francis met George

We are lucky to have overheard some of the conversation between Cardinal Pell and Pope Francis on the occasion of the big man's recent visit to the Vatican.

Francis: How nice to see you, George. I've been going through some hard times recently: you really can't imagine how bad things have been.

Pope and Pell

"Nobody knows the troubles I've seen, George."

Pell: I'm so sorry, Holy Father. They say you've suffered a lot lately.

Francis: Yes, I was locked down in the Vatican for several months, and forbidden to take any flights abroad. My Pachamama dolls were confiscated and thrown in the river. Even Austen Ivereigh was forbidden to visit.

Pell: Ah well, every cloud has a silver lining. Still, it must be hard to bear isolation for a long period of time.

Francis: What's worse, people have been making up so many lies about me! You can't imagine what it's like having people hurling insults at you on a daily basis!

Pell: Still, it must have been a comfort to know that people were praying for you to leave the Vatican.

Francis: Maybe, but what can one do when hack journalists are writing books with titles like "The Rise and Fall of Pope Francis" and "Fallen: the inside story of the trial and conviction of Pope Francis"? I don't even have any convictions!

Louise Milligan book

Just take the money and run, Louise.

Pell: So I've heard. Yes, it must be tough. Still prayer can be a great comfort.

Francis: Prayer? I never thought of that. I spent the whole time writing my memoirs. And it does look as though I am going to have a new best-seller on my hands. I've called it Fratelli Tutti.

Pell: Great, pulp fiction always sells well! Now, about your bank account...


  1. Fratelli Tutti?!? I thought it was called Frutti Tutti! I've been reading the wrong book this whole time?!?

  2. I believe that you have captured the basic nature of the man in pope's clothing.

  3. A week in Twitmo. Saying Obama and Clinton aren't going to be prosecuted, but should and go to prison, violates the rules. 1 week sentence. Remember me.

  4. Cardinal Pell knows enough already to demolish Papa fake-Francesco, but he won't because Pell is true to his vocation and his faith. But he will seek a way to rectify the immense wrong done to him by the corrupt Vatican gay mafia, and he'll do it his way without making headlines. That's why he is in Rome. Watch more heads roll soon but you will never see any triumphant comment from Cardinal Pell. That is not in character of the man or the priest.

    A lesser person - after such a horrendous experience - would have laid low in Australia, licking his wounds and breathing a sigh of relief. Give the good cardinal the benefit of your prayers and invoke all the guardian angels: it is urgent, for he is doing good work against the very devil.

    1. God bless Cardinal Pell and keep him safe. He has many enemies.