This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The love poems of Kieran Conry

With apologies to Robert Burns, William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
My love is like a red, red rose;
My other love's a white'un;
And, thanks to Cormac, no-one knows
What fun we had in Brighton!

The great lover Lochinvar prepares to gallop off on his trusty steed.

Shall I compare thee to glass of wine?
(I am the Tablet's expert, N. O'Phile.)
Thou art full-bodied, fruity - quite divine!
Thy nose is good - thou hast both taste and style!

Old faithful.

How do I love them? Let me count the dames
By making little notches on my crook.
Though they suspected I was playing games,
The other bishops all refused to look.

Cardinal Nichols reacts to the allegations.


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  1. Could I reserve three Pell mugs please, with an option to purchase all the remaining stock?

  2. The behaviour of Bishop Conry is beyond tasteless. Especially his public statements after being found guilty of living term mortal sin. Obstinate doesn't do it justice. We need to laugh a little amidst our weeping. Lord, have mercy. Save us from wicked bishops and priests.

  3. Body language is very revealing, isn't it? All of the photographs I've seen of Bishop Conry have shown a worldly pose and demeanour.

  4. From the song of J Alfred Conry: "I have heard the mermaids singing each to each' - and threatened them with an injunction if they speak to the press

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  6. One cannot be indifferent to this vital issue that strikes at the Heart of the Church - offends Our Lord God and endangers countless souls. However, many of us have had to become more stalwart in order to survive the agony caused by wicked or apostate bishops and priests. Under Francis, we are getting an opportunity to offer up and endure an awful lot of suffering as Our Lord is treated with ever more contempt within the Church. Let us support each other in our suffering. I have just returned from a Mass with several liturgical abuses and irregularities and lack of reverence. It was excruciating - I offered that small amount of pain in reparation.

    1. Oh no! Not another traddie. I thought Francis had got rid of them all!

  7. Can I reserve all the Kasbah mugs. We have a coconut shy at our parish bazaar [St Dismas (The Good robber) Neasden] and we have been unable to find any coconuts for people to throw things at?

    Do they break well?

  8. I guess KC is just another atheist. My last two ordinaries also struck me as atheists. Therefore the Conry episode provides little in the way of surprises in that regard. It would be great to get a bishop who actually believes in God but it is no longer mandatory in our religion so I am 'agnostic' about the issue.

  9. As I have already said elsewhere "Is the Pope a Catholic?"
    I suppose all the a-Pell-ing mugs are sold out...but if there's still one left!!!!

  10. All the bishops in new church
    Have left their duties in the lurch.
    Acquiring taste for other stuff:
    Odds and bods, and bits of fluff.