This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cardinal Dolan and the Inauguration

Should Cardinal Dolan have participated in the inauguration of the new leader of the free world? Let's look at the facts. ,

Dolan at Trump's inauguration

Cardinal Dolan. For once, not eating, not dancing, and not laughing crazily.

After a rather dodgy election, a man was chosen who was considered to be very divisive.

A man known for bad language, some of it foul-mouthed.

A man whose views on sex and marriage are repellent to many Catholics.

A man whose slogans "Make Amoris great again", "Drain the Tiber" and "Let's build a wall to keep the Trads our" are considered to be offensive.

Pope Francis and Dolan

Cardinal Dolan shares a joke with "The Jorge".

Yes, the world is terrified now that the Vatican's nuclear codes are in the hands of such a man. Still, we think that Dolan was right to participate back in 2013, for after all did our Lord not associate with Republicans and sinners?

And, all things considered, the pope's inauguration went very well. A few cars set on fire, and a few bricks thrown through the windows of Starbucks by supporters of rival cardinals, but - on the whole - a good time was had by all. Some pathetic celebrities refused to sing and dance at the party afterwards, but the Catholic Tabernacle Choir, the Rockettes, the Jesuit Female Impersonators and the winner of Vatican's Got Talent (Antonio Spadaro and his sockpuppet show) nobly stepped into the breach.

Pope Francis in 2013

It's time to party, folks!

Still, we are worried that Cardinal Dolan did not even once mention the Spirit of Vatican II in his Bible reading.


  1. Perhaps now that he is unemployed Obama could compete with Blair to become the next Pope.

    1. No No,... that wont work. Obama is not a Catholic..... hang on a moment ...

    2. I thought Blair WAS the Pope !!!

    3. That's OK. Being Catholic is no longer necessary.

  2. Cardinal Dolan always reminds me of Cardinal Oliver Hardy. Like Hardy Dolan is always ready for the liturgical slapstick and jokes at all times. Always the theological and liturgical comedian. His career began in the days of the black and white silent Mass era. Like Dolan he transitioned to talkies. Back in his earlier days colour movies were unknown except for Tom Sawyer which like many movies were later colourised with rainbow like some clergy.
    Dolan like Cardinal Hardy could always crack Irish, Hispanic and many other jokes off the cuff. Bergoglio the famous South American Spaghetti Western conclave producer was always there for him. His movie "The Bad, the Good and the Beautiful" was a big hit in Germany. Unfortunately Dolan at the swearing in cracked a joke. "What is the one thing Donald Trump has in common yet different from Irish clergy?" "The comb over without Brill cream". The crowd rioted!

  3. The liberal media are revolting.

  4. His bland civvies were a statement, he was "flattered" but not much, to be there. He couldn't resist the gig, apparently, so rather than demure, he showed up, got his recognition as "America's Catholic Rep" and went home. Only if the Obamas were there would he have yukked it up at a dinner table all night. His silent, perfunctory sign of the cross was depressing, could he have put less into it? I don't think so. He looked embarrassed to have to do it.
    His prayer or benediction, was generic. There was no fire, no zeal, no enthusiasm in it, again, wrong party going into the White House. The USCCB wants immigration dammit, and they aren't going to get it and the millions of federal dollars to Catholic Charities to bring in tens of thousands of Muslims or Haitians it in. Look agonized, like Michelle Obama did, and no one will hold you accountable for having to do the gig.
    No mention of Jesus Christ. The Protestants who got up there put him to shame. They apparently still like Christ, don't yet find him embarrassing, but we Catholics have moved on...after all...God is "still talking" to Catholics now. We didn't know he was "still talking", but apparently, he is, to the pope and some bishops anyway.
    Now since Jesus Christ was unequivocally prayed to by Protestants yesterday, and our Catholic representative basically ignored Christ and read from the Old Testament, can someone explain to me how Protestants are all going to Hell but we Catholics are getting in?

  5. If this is an example of what American Catholicism is I fear for the Church. Obviously the OT verse was chosen as to not offend anyone by using the J word.If the Cardinal is ashamed of being a Catholic perhaps he should rethink his position or perhaps someone in a higher authority should rethink it for him.It was a humiliating experience for Catholics everywhere watching this charade.On a personal note I feel very sad and very let down.