This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Covidicus, Chapter 12: Lockdown again

Continued from Chapter 11.

1. At the end of the year the Emperor Macron of the Frenchites ended the great war, and the children of Bri-tain were ready for their next crisis.

2. For the plague continued to rage fiercely, and Bo-sis decided to lock down the people once more.

Old man in straitjacket

Even the philosopher Grayling was locked down.

3. Although the Scottites, Welshites, and Irishites made their own plans, so as to be different from the Englandites. So they held a lochdown, a lloc'dwn, and a loughdown.

4. Thus with a mighty cry of "HERE WE GO AGAIN" everyone went back to his home and was driven to the mighty engine known as Zoom (or McZoom, Zoom-bach and O'Zoom if they came from the other three tribes).

5. Although some realised that there were easier ways to address their neighbours, and so they simply opened their windows and shouted "I HATE YE ALL."

6. And Bo-sis told his officers to find those who refused to be locked down, and throw them into the deepest dungeons.

7. But some of the rebels were very active old ladies aged four score and ten, and required twelve officers to overpower them.

Old lady of 104 being arrested

"We need backup. Call for an armed response!"

8. Meanwhile, it was time for all the world to be vaxed, and so the mighty vixen was delivered to the people, starting with the dancing girls known as nurses, the old and infirm, and those whose labour was considered essential, such as the officers of equality and diversity and the professors of transgender studies.

9. Then a cry came out, "Let all the children of Bri-tain go into the streets at the eighth hour of the evening and applaud their heroes.

10. Such as the nurses who dance, the politicians who chatter, and of course Neil, son of Fergus, whose models have guided Bri-tain into these dark days."

11. And the people cried out with one voice, "במזג אוויר קופים פליז זה? אני צריך קקאו!" Which is to say, "In this weather of the monkeys of brass? I should hot drink made with roasted and ground cacao seeds mixed with milk and water!"

12. Although Keir, chief of the Labourites, did indeed go forth into the streets. However, he took no cocoa with him, lest he be arrested by the guards for committing the great crime known as Pic-nic.

Keir virtue signalleth

Keir signalleth virtue.

Continued in Chapter 13.


  1. Please remove the link to my blog from your side-bar, Eccles. Nothing personal but I just don't want my blog associated with various sites that are still supporting the fascist Trump and his coup-attempt, even after the warnings many of us have given for so long have been shown to be well-founded. It's a shame that traditional Catholicism has been so lazy in the choice of its "friends." I'm quite happy for this comment to be publoic, or delete it if you prefer. Thanks, Eccles.

    1. Well when not even actual events can affect your position, I guess any further attempt to logically discuss is wasted time. Hopefully we will still be around when you cannot further find justifications for "the good guys" actions. Be seeing you.

  2. Seriously, EA? Well, you and your donkey have fun under the NWO and whatever church you belong to. Your donkey, being of nature, is at least not blind like you.

  3. Perhaps the Catholic Church will at last formally excommunicate the "practising Catholic" Mr Biden if he reverses any of the pro-life initiatives that Mr Trump started to put into effect on the very day of his own Presidential inauguration.