This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 23 January 2012


Since de news is out dat my Anti Moly is a member of a secret soceity called de Flamfrowers, I fink I needs to give some detales.

I was admirin de fambly snapshots in my Anti Moly's sittin room, when I saw dis one on de wall, and asked her wot it was.


"Is dat a pantommime, Anti Moly?" I asked. "I remember dat you was grate as de comic Anti Haddach in de Nattivity play we did wiv Bosco. Indeed, de Lake Hellsinus Gazette said 'De old bat wiv de drink probblem providded an unusaul comick interlud in a normally seriuos play. Howevver, some says dat her cries of "He's behind you!" when King Horrid was lookin for de Baby Jessus was a departure from de true Bibblical text.'"

Dame Moly

"No, Eccles, dat pitcher show my initiatoin ceremonny for de Flamthrowers. I was givven de secret codname of Collyer, and swore some frihgtful vows. Den we all danced nakid ruond a billaboing by de lihgt of de full moon. Dere was a jolly swagman camped dere, and I asked him for de last waltz but he stopped bein jolly and jumped into de billaboing instedd. Woeful."

Anti Moly explaned dat de Flamfrowers has assinged her to Damain Thopmson's blogg (along wiv someone called Phollus wot runs a shellfish restuarant in South Amerrica) in order to insullt and persecute de Cathlics dere. She does it so sutbly dat most poeple hasnt even noticed.

Still, whenever a seriuos discussion looks like brakin out Anti Moly is dere to disrupt it wiv insults and aneckdotes about how she gave sevveral brillaint sceintists dere best ideas. For example, Stephen Hakwing was gonna studdy Green Holes until Anti Moly told him dat Black Holes was gonna be more impotrant.

Pop not bein externimated

Dis pitcher needs explanin, it's Anti Moly askin Hakwing to externimate de Pop wiv his Dallek gun, like dey does on Dr Who. But de Pop jumped nibmly to one side and escapped by de ventillatoin system.

Well we has been in luvvly Pottymouth 3 or 4 days, and so I went into de street to see whevver I cuold save a few poeple. My normal openin gambitt is "Ullo, bruvver (or sister). Is you saved?"

Some of de repplies I got so far is:

"You've got a few roos loose in the top paddock, cobber."
"Oh, pull your lip over your head and swallow!"
"If your I.Q. were 2 points higher it would be the same as a bloody stone."

Anti Moly was wiv me, and she also got some freindly comments:

"Cor, she's as ugly as a mud fence in a rainstorm."
"Who's the sheila with a face like a smashed crab?"
"Blimey, she's got a head like a half-eaten pastie."

I wuoldn't mind so much, but I got all dem comments from Cathlic preists, monks and nunns. Dey aint ashammed to say wot dey fink, is dey?


  1. Theres one thing you cant say about Moly, and that is that she doesnt bow befor idols made by human hands, like you freakin catholic imbeciles do. Now go and kiss the big idolaters ring and then move down the line and kiss Jupiters foot. You sick sad bunch of satan worshipers. Get back on your knees and pray to Mary and rub those beads. But the beads wont last long in hell, they will burn up

    1. Bosco, dere, it is grate dat you has finally mannaged to post somefink dat dont need muddleratin. But aint it evvident from my luvvly blogg dat I gives de same advices about bein saved as you does?