This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We goes to Austriala

We got a letter from de Austrialan govermnent, sayin dat Anti Moly is allowed to go back dere wivvout bein locked up, providded dat a responsibble person come wiv her to keep an eye on her. Dat's grate news, as Anti wants to go lookin for Cradinal Pell, wot used to be sweet on her before he became a cosstume holly man.

Bosco is still sittin on a pole medditatin about how he is de only saved pusson in Callifornia, so Anti have persauded me to go wiv her. De call of love is strong, and Cradinal Pell gonna have a nice surprise.

Anti Moly's eyes filled with nostallgic tears, as she showed me a postcard of her home town, where we is goin.

Beuatiful Pottymouth

We has had to buy 3 seats on de aeroplain, as Anti wants to take her iddle of St Cuttley wiv her. She says dat she prefers talkin to de iddle and not me, as de iddle don't answer back (dem's creul words, Anti). But I doesn't know how she is gonna survive a long flihgt wivvout interrnet access, she will miss all de excitin debaits on Damain's blogg.

Dere was also de probblem of what to do wiv de 4 crockodiles dat Anti buoght recently as part of her campaing to be poppular. When Didgeridoo Airlines told us dat crockodiles wasnt allowed in de aeroplain wiv her, we went round to de local Cathlic convent and dropped em all down de chimney of de Muvver Superoir. Here is one of dem peerin out frew a window of de convent, sayin to itself in crockodile, "My, dat was a most deliciuos nun! Wot's for puddin?"

Crocodile convent

At de airport securitty, Anti Moly had grate probblems, as dey wuoldn't let her take six bottles of gin onto de aeroplain as hand lugage, and she screemed at dem when dey made her go frew a specail x-ray. Here is de luvvly x-ray photto dey took of my dere Anti gettin cross. She is sayin "Woeful", perhaps I orta add a speech bubble.

Moly x-ray

So here we is waitin to board de plain for Austriala, where excittin adventures beckons. I was askin Anti if she was gonna introdduce me to her Austrialan freinds, and she said "I aint got any freinds, I hates dem all! But I has got some ennemies who aint too bad, I suppose."

Anyways, I hopes dere is a Calumny Chappel in Pottymouth, cos I is a saved pusson,and bessides, I is gonna need to stock up on cemment doves.


  1. In your absence there have been exciting developments on Damain's blog, Eccles. It is rumoured that Bosco has indeed been promoted to Pop - Bozodict 1. As a coronation present, it seems that Cradinal Pel and the others clubbed together and got him a spellchequer.

    Fr Arfur has also decided to go incongito, and is posting as Real Lie.

    Please be very careful when paddling in Pottymouth. As Anti Moly has just pointed out - Damon is salivating, and that is disturbing the ocean currents all over the world. It could well be that you will be swept out into the Pacific, only to emerge in the fishing net attached to Micky's trawler.

    1. Um, dat sounds very surprisin, Jaddis, as I didn't fink Dammon was gonna acheive Salivation. I is still a bit jetlogged, and gettin used to my new beddroom in Anti Moly's house. It's a little wooden huose wiv "Fiddo" over de door - dat means "faithful" cos I is saved. Singed Eccles.

  2. Beware, Eccles. "Fido" is latin for faithful. This means you have wandered into a den of uber-traditionalists by mistake. Phone Farver Arfur so that he can come and beat them off with tambourines.