This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Carey on Killing

A new film in the long-running "Carey-on" series, has been produced, but it has been seriously panned by the critics, and it may not go on general release.

Entitled "Carey on Killing", it stars Sid James as Sid Falconer, the dodgy proprietor of the "Zap-Yer-Grandad" Assisted Suicide Company.

Carry on Doctor

Sid Falconer and Bishops Wilson and Carey come to a patient's assistance.

Glamorous support is provided by blonde bombshell Rosie Harper (Barbara Windsor), who tells the House of Lords that the "moral and Christian" approach to sick and dying people is to push them over the edge.

Barbara Windsor

Saucy boy! Wait till I tell my bishop!

A key role is played by Archbishop George Carey (Bernard Bresslaw), who, sick and tired of promoting orthodox Christian doctrine (or at least an Anglican version of it) decides to go out in style!

George Carey as the angel of death

George Carey dresses up as the Angel of Death (non Angeli sed Anglici...)

It is a pity that this film is so poor. Our own personal favourite amongst the Carey-on films was "Carey on Praying" in which George Carey was molested in Canterbury Cathedral by Peter Tatchell (a comic role played by Kenneth Williams) when he tried to defend the traditional family. This film simply does not compare in terms of spiritual nourishment.

Tatchell and Carey

"Infamy! They've all got it infamy!" says Tatchell.

Eccles verdict: do not go and see this film. The characters are totally unbelievable.


  1. Darling eccles - ooh Matron, what next? Can we have a really edgy film in which someone believes in orthodox Christianity? :) xx Jess

  2. A clearer case of turning one's holy man costume I have yet to see ...

  3. This is insanely wonderful LOL. George Carey dressing as the Angel of Death is priceless. The last picture of Carey being hijacked by Peter Tatchell and his band of merry men is for real I think.You know in Notre Dame a Paris, they have French Catholic Crash Tacklers in the Cathedral to deal with an incident like this, although even without them the French congregation would rush to the fore and club them with their missals.Tsk you Eeeeenglish !

  4. He puts the why into Care.

  5. He doesn't care, y should he?