This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 25 May 2018

The snakes return to Ireland

Well, St Patrick did his best. For many years Ireland was a Catholic country, and not just the "you wouldn't notice" sort that we see with Fr James Martin, Cardinal Marx, or Cardinal Nichols. The snakes had been driven out, and there was a general feeling that killing babies, the weak, the old, the disabled, someone whose face you don't like, or someone with a different political opinion, was an activity condemned by decent people.

But then things changed. It just took a few key words to brainwash people: "Magdalene Laundries", "Savita", "Tuam". None of these was really very relevant. Unlike "blood", "slaughter", "murder", "dismemberment", "pain", which would seem to be more linked to the abortion debate.

Leo Varadkar

A particularly venomous creature slithers into Ireland.

The Irish politicians seem to be mostly of the serpentine variety, but then so are the journalists, including such luminaries as Tintin O'Foole, whom I mention because I came across him for the first time today. With luck I won't have to come across this little snake again.

How about the Catholic Church? Well Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin, known internationally for his spinelessness, did make some comment that could be interpreted as being pro-life, but as usual he did it very quietly, holding a handkerchief over his face so that nobody would know he'd said it.

Francis tweet

Pope Francis forgot...

Don't expect any laughs from this post, folks. I have nothing but contempt for those who are not pro-life, and they can rot in Hell. And probably will.


  1. Terrible outcome. I read reports earlier that they had removed old peoples names from the Voters Register & reclassified them as British, so when they went to vote they couldn't. If this was widespread then it is very serious. In any case the circumstances where it did happen will have to be investigated. A complaints form is currently shown on for anyone who has witnessed questionable occurrences to make it known.

  2. It's tragic. The jubilation on RTE radio right now is sickening. 50 years of no catechesis leads to this.

  3. Now they'll try to change the law in N Ireland. Thank God for the DUP, the only pro-life party in NI, with the SDLP recently turning pro-death. My wife and I always vote DUP despite being trad Catholics. I told my DUP MP and he said "many people of your persuasion [lol] vote for my party".

    1. It was sickening the way people reacted to Paisley's daughter-in-law's comment about the weirdness of the celebrations.

  4. I share every bit of your contempt and disgust of these creatures. I am deeply ashamed of the moronic 70% of my countrymen who saw fit to wash the streets of once catholic ireland with innocent blood,ably assisted by the satanic soros,eu,vacuous so called celebrities and the most biased media since pravda.My deep respect to the valiant pro life people of Ireland who fought herocially against such satanic legions. May St Patrick implore God's forgiveness for this abomination.

  5. I cannot claim the ownership of this writing. I believe it was written by someone called Attorno and I congratulate him most profusely.
    I do hope that you will accept this I just felt that it was well worth while presenting to a wider public since it is so very well done.

    Lament For Erin.

    Darkness has descended on the Emerald Isle,
    Where saints and scholars through the ages toiled.
    The Yoke that was sweet, was dragged through the mud,
    And furrowed the ground for innocent blood.

    Erin, Erin, what have you done?,
    Crucified anew both Mother and Son.
    Coveted the whisperings of the father of lies,
    Sacrificed to him your girls and boys.

    Sorrow, Sorrow, Sorrow, untold,
    Light has receded, nighttime unfolds.
    Echos resound from silent screams,
    Across her mountains,valleys, and streams.

    Woe, woe, woe is to thee,
    Yes to slavery, no to be free.
    The foul deed is done, proud is the boast,
    No room for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

    To those who stood tall, Heaven be your bed,
    You’ll purify the soil with the tears that you shed.
    We still have our Queen, ne’er to depart,
    As we await the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

  6. Well said Bruvver Eccles. But remember to have your sick bag ready for the fawning love-in when the Bishop of Rome visits the Teashop and his partner next year.

  7. I usually come here for a laugh in the face of the craziness of the church as she is. Today in Ireland we are weeping but you have still lifted my heart. Thanks

  8. Eccles, that's what I was thinking, seeing celebrating women, how much will you celebrate when you see the horror of what you have actually brought upon your homeland, and when the flames of Hell are soaring up around you.
    The Catholic Church now has absolute proof positive it is in massive collapse. However, this pope can not claim to have even tried, so I suppose the worm could hide behind that. He is worse than irrelevant, he has steered the ship right onto the rocks with all intention, evil personified, along with his happy little sodomites.
    God, deliver us from this world.

  9. Varadkar says that this vote heralds a quiet revolution. He's right. The screams of the unborn that he helped to cause will be heard by no one...except God.

  10. I feel your pain and anger, dear Eccles. I've done a fair bit of crying today so I can't blame you for not bringing the funny on this one. Jesus and Mary, I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Let's be clear about this. Savita, may she rest in peace, did not die because she was refused an abortion. She died because of medical incompetence: it is normal practice, once a woman's waters have broken and the cervix is open, to give her antibiotic cover, as the way is now open, literally, for a massive infection. But the Irish doctors and nurses were so fixated on the heartbeat that they ignored the developing signs of septicaemia in the mother, and, until it was too late, and the infection was well established, neglected to provide antibiotics. It was, later, all too easy to blame their own negligence on the 8th Amendment which, in any case, did not apply in such cases as Savita's.
    As for Tuam, the author of the original account has herself expressed shock and anger at the way the media blew it up into an anti-Catholic horror story.
    As Msgr Ronald Knox famously said, "Any stick is useful to beat the Catholic Church, and if it breaks, you've got two."

    1. Highly rare resistant bacteria E. coli ESBL also, but yes, just malpractice. Her parents were used during the campaign, which rendered questionable Michael Nazir Ali's contention that Christianity's respect for life has influenced other religions.

    2. I would be interested in knowing more about the Tuam accusations. this week, Allison Pearson who is one of the better Telegraph columnists. Was using it to beat the Church. How much truth is in the accusations? Or is it another Whig myth.

  12. Depressingly spot on, but I think you roast in Hell and rot in prison, though.