This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Anti Moly replies

Anti Moly


I want to make it clear to all of you that I never under any circumstances read Eccles's vicious and cruel blog, which takes trivial incidents from my life and exaggerates them out of all proportion.

For example, in his entry of 8th July 2011, when he first recorded my arrival, he referred to me incorrectly as "Grate-Ant Molly," and claimed that I had been detained at the police station for vagrancy (which my illiterate nephew spells "vaguerancy"). In fact, I had merely gone there to report that someone - probably a fanatical Catholic - had put 25 baby possums in my hotel room; they were running round the room, bouncing up and down on my bed, and they knocked over six bottles from my meagre supply of medicinal gin.

Then again, in the entry of 9th July...

[50 pages deleted here. Sorry, Anti Moly!]

Anyway, having corrected all the errors in Eccles's nasty blog, let me take the opportunity to dispel the most recent rumours, namely, that I deliberately tried to kill my nephew by cooking a poisonous meal for him.


Delicious bush tucker

In Pottymouth, the beautiful Australian city where I normally live (although at present I am an exile in London), we don't have any pathetic pommy squeamishness about food. Spiders, snakes, old socks, hairbrushes... all these constitute "bush tucker," and are delicious when fried in gin. On Sunday I decided to do some cooking, as everyone else in the household had gone to church, and I made a delicious Pottymouth Goulash à la Cardinal Pell - named after an old admirer of mine. Perhaps I added too much anti-freeze - such is life, eh - for when Eccles came back to partake of this culinary delight, he was very ill. However, I ate some myself, so that proves it was harmless.

Eccles has also written some misleading comments about my false teeth.

False teeth

My new set of false teeth

It is true that I lost my previous set of false teeth, and it is even true that a Catholic priest found them and venerated them as a relic. However, I did not throw the teeth at him - they slipped from my hand when I was gesturing to him to get lost. I'm just putting the record straight here, although those fanatical traddy Catholics are determined to lie about the events.

While I am here, perhaps I can also set the record straight about the events of June 2010, when judy8 (note, no capital letter!) was not banned from Damian Thompson's blog, whatever people say. Far from it: indeed, Damian invited me to write my own Telegraph blog, because he was so impressed by my incisive debating style. It's true that judy8 vanished and I came back under the names of AlfredHaddock (no space) and molybdenite (lower case); however, these were not sockpuppets but...

[Another 50 pages deleted here. Sorry again, Anti Moly!]

Well, that's the short explanation, anyway. I can give more details if anyone wants them.

Let me close with a few comments about England. It really is a woeful place, with a high concentration of pommies, Catholics, males, females, young people, old people and middle-aged people - these are all sections of society that I dislike strongly. The worst freaks of all are to be found on the Telegraph blogs pages, although I make an exception for courteous, saintly, polite and charming Charles Cutley Utley, the celebrity blogger, novelist and lawyer. He has not been seen lately, and it seems that he is greatly changed by his sufferings; however, he has sent me a recent photograph, which I would like to share with you.


"Slightly grumpy" Charles Utley

Well, stands the church clock at ten to three, and are there spiders still for tea? I think so. Such is life, eh.



  1. darling eccles - how like unto her! Did you have to cut the part where she babbles o'rabits and green fields? xx Jess

  2. Dat's right, Jessicca, she was babblin like Shakespear's great comedy character Falsetoof. In fact most of de second batch of 50 pages was about rabits, donkeys and socks, so I editted it.

    1. darling eccles, prob'ly as well, there's only so much babbling. Fr. Pau seems to be babbling into the crybaby folder. It is hard bein a saved pusson, ain't it? xx Jess
      p.s. glad you is well again.

  3. Your picture of Pastor Charles Utley is shurely a photographic negative?

    Please accentuate the positive.

  4. You clowns like to harass Moly.Even though shes not a christian she isnt a statue bowing foot kissin Mary worshipin catholic. Hey eccles, you still flappin your jaws? You gonna censor me like the scared little mouse you are? I dont censor anything on my tell all glorious heavenly for those who seek the truth behind the curtain of holyness called the catholic church. Glad to see you are still alive eccles. Isee jabba is still at the foot of the graven image of Diana. He will never learn, like you eccles. You never wise up.

    1. Ullo Bosco, I is tryin to save people like you does, but it is an uphill struggle. Anti Moly sends her luv (well, in fact she says "Get him to send me some gin," which is de best you can hope for).

    2. darling eccles, I was going to tell you that your brother had been found (close to the Watchtower), but I see from this that he is lost again. Did he take the gin with him? xx Jess

    3. We has been very worried about Bosco, Jessicca dere, and I fink dat Anti Moly and I is gonna have to go to Walsingham and see him.

    4. He'd better not stand still in the shop - someone might buy him thinkin' he's a novus ordo iddle xx Jess