This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Royal pardon for Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer, the pioneer of "competing" with the Catholic Church, who was put to death for being an Anglican, has been given a Royal Pardon following a long campaign by his admirers.

Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cranmer - was he unjustly convicted?

Nowadays, of course it is not illegal to be an Anglican - indeed, there are rumours that members of the Royal Family indulge in such practices - although it is still frowned upon in many circles. For example, a man was arrested recently for saying to a mounted police officer "Your horse is Anglican!" However, at the time when Cranmer died, it was still considered to be a serious offence against normal, decent, Catholic society. Cranmer's own history is particularly sad, for at one stage he "swung both ways" and attempted to give up Anglican practices: in the end however he "came out" and paid the price.

Anglican Pride

Proud to come out as Anglicans!

The Catholic Church has itself been criticised for attempting to compromise with Anglicans. There have been the notorious Warwick Street Masses, where "Anglican patrimony" has been celebrated as a result of Pope Benedict XVI's attempts to bring Anglicans back into the fold. Indeed, Pope Francis also has shocked traditionalists with his "Who am I to judge?" remarks, indicating that Anglicans who attempted to live a Catholic life should only be burned as a last resort.

Church's Thesis

The Church's Thesis - also a great influence on "competing".

On the whole, however, it is clear that Anglicans are being accepted more and more as "normal" members of society, especially since in many cases they are indistinguishable from ordinary secular people - the days when they would deliberately shock people by attending church services seem to be over for good. In this context, Cranmer's pardon (whether or not he was guilty of Anglicanism) is a natural reaction to a change in public opinion.

Buddha with ears

Modern ecumenical belief - part Buddhist, part Disney.

Meanwhile, a Happy Christmas to all readers!


Unfortunately, one of our kings seems to be a little on the tall side.


  1. Daling eccles, I am sure his ashes will be jolly pleased - a happy Christmas to you and all your followers (or as we is known, sock poppets) xx Jess :)

    1. Thanks, Jess dear, and have a great Christmas yourself! Singed Eccles (saved).

    2. Perhaps a Royal Pardon might be issued from Edmund Campion who was executed for what is not now regarded as treason. Happy Christmas.

    3. Yup I was thinkin also of Thomas Becket (nowadays it is not illegal to be turbulent) and Thomas More (bein a man for all seasons is also permitted).

    4. The Asbo replacement, Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance, almost certainly forbids any form of turbulence – along with most other types of human behaviour (there are probably people who find being a man for all seasons annoying; Henry VIII certainly did.)

  2. Everyone ever found guilty of anything should be forgiven. Who is we to judge?

    We is all forgiven.

  3. Happy Christmas Eccles, Bosco & Anti-Moly

  4. Poor Tommy was chirophobic which explains why he punished his hands a lot. Tom emphasized the importance of both the Bible and secular authority over papal authority. We agree with that, don't we? Being a Catholic is too obsessive and triumphalist - better to be schismatic and sectarian and get to heathen. whoops, sorry, heaven..

  5. "There have been the notorious Warwick Street Masses..."

    What of the even more notorious "ECCLEStone Square" Masses? Committed, we understand, Ipse Semper Dixit (ad nauseam, even more and again).

  6. Lucifer has just lodged an application with the European Court of Human Rights - he's challenging the "human" bit too as a demonist discrimination.

    Lucifer is saying that in a secular, liberal, pluralist democracy God had no right to deprive him of citizenship of Heaven and, now we live in more enlightened times, wants a full pardon and his place back.