This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 31 August 2014

We love Giles Fraser

From time to time Canon Giles Fraser, the Anglican priest-in-charge of St Mary's, Newington, darling of the BBC's Thought for the Day waffle-slot and the Guardian's leftie-rant pages, has received harsh criticism on this blog. This is mostly because his passionate approval of homosexual acts, same-sex "marriage" and secular socialism seem to jar badly with Christianity. Some have claimed that when he introduces himself with "It's me, Giles!" it does sound suspiciously like "It's Sméagol!" but I am sure this is purely a coincidence.


This is NOT Giles Fraser, merely a lookalike.

However, this blog is nothing if not fair, so credit where credit is due: sometimes Fr Giles gets it right. On August 29th he had a go at Dawkins and his remarks about Downs Syndrome, with a piece Nobody is better at being human, Professor Dawkins, least of all you. Sorry, Richard, if even Giles Fraser thinks you're barmy, then you're in trouble.

Dawkins and Einstein

Dawkins explains his theory of moral relativism to a rather bronzed Einstein.

Only a week earlier, on August 22nd Giles had decided that, all things considered, he wasn't keen on Islamic violence (decapitation, crucifixion, etc.), writing If this is real religion, then you can count me as an atheist. A poor title, Giles, as Guardian readers have a short attention span and many will have read that as simply You can count me as an atheist, but never mind.

death to juice

"When's George Galloway turning up?"

Go back one more week to August 15th, and he's writing Sometimes it’s good to talk – even to ‘terrorists’. This is his bravest piece of all, as it challenges the left-wing Gaza always good, Israel always bad line with a more balanced Gaza!? Israel?! Arentchasickofemboth?? judgement.

Well, you can see what a difficult position this puts me in. When I need a spiritually nourishing subject for my blog, I find out what Richard, Tina, Giles, ... have been doing, and usually one of them comes up trumps. But now I can no longer rely on Giles. Bastard.


  1. Oh! I killed three tetrapacks of juice today.

  2. Please see POLLY TOYNBEE's abortion rant today. Beyond satire? Give it a go!

    1. Dear Polly (unsaved) is never totally beyond satire. Maybe, tomorrow, unless I have something better to do.

    2. Believe me, I would love to come in with some terribly funny comments (maybe as Ferdinand Mass-Trousers), but they are cutting off the heads of children.

      When we get into ISSUES in these times, we either hit them with the full force of divine reality, or we just look stupid. If the satire is not up to the horror, it doesn't work.

  3. I see that you have kept with the Horny Theological theme and finished with another bird....Bustard.
    I seem to remember from the dim past, a saying which ran something illegitimi carborundum...which I'm led to believe translates as "Don't let the Bustards grind you down"

  4. There are some terrible anti-semantic comments here.