This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bosco is de hare of Jessus

Ullo darlin bruvver Bosco, I is gonna tell de good people why you has been speshully selected by Jessus.

Bosco he got an email dis morning from

Dere Bosco,

We is de lawyers of de late Jessus Christ what went to Heaven wivout leevin a will. He left some cash in de Bank of Jordan, and dis has been accruin compound interrest for de last 2000 years. We now has a sum of $100,000,000 to award to de hares of dis Jessus, and after some enquirries we has assertained dat dis is you. Pleese Bosco send your name, address, date of birf, bank account detales and list of your favourite sinns to us, and we will arrange payment of de inherritance of dis Jessus.

Yours sincerely,
Condi Gulible (Mrs), Manager, Bank of Jordan.

Dat's grate news an Bosco is in de munny. Wot it is to be a speshully selected person who is luvd by Jessus as well as by his darlin bruvver Eccles who would like $100 to buy some cement as he is goin back to makin statues of your favorite saints.

Bosco, dis is an iddle dat Cathlics kiss, it was originally de Roman God Washington, but dey has renamed it St Peter aint dat a scandal.

Cement iddle


  1. Cooeee Eccles,

    I love your blog, but my doctor has banned me from visiting it, as it causes me to wet meself.

    The local health authority is not willin to finance the necessary pads.

    I shall only visit your site in future with my eyes closed.

    Love Hilda xxx

    PS What a shame about Bosko. Before he took himseld so serius, he was fun. Im sure you ll know wot todo. xxx

  2. Ullo, Hilda. My bruvver Bosco keeps finkin dat I is you, and I is very worried for him. Luv, Eccles.

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  4. Bosco my dere bruvver, you is usin a sockpoppet, I see. Nope, I aint Lapin, I is your little bruvver Eccles.