This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Saturday 29 July 2023

World Cup of Synod Horrors - nominations please!

In memory of the recently deceased Synod O'Contrick, one of the great enemies of the Catholic Church, we are now going to run a World Cup of Synod Horrors.

Synod poster

The official list of the great and good is now posted, so we can see who will be redesigning Catholic teaching for us.

Carry on Camping

So at last we have a world cup in which both Cardinals Cupich and Roche (from last year's World Cup of Bad Cardinals) and James Martin and Austen Ivereigh (from the 2019 World Cup of Bad Catholic Journalists) can meet on equal terms. Plus a few others who are ready to walk with them and tell the Holy Spirit what He has decided (is this the right language?)

Carry on Camping 2

My list so far is the following. Are there any others on the official list who should be added before we do another Twitter X-rated poll?
Abp Charles Scicluna
Abp Víctor Fernández
Bp Georg Bätzing
Cdl Arthur Roche
Cdl Blase Cupich
Cdl Christoph Schönborn
Cdl Jean-Claude Hollerich
Cdl Joe Tobin
Cdl Jozef De Kesel
Cdl Kevin Farrell
Cdl Luis Tagle
Cdl Mario Grech
Cdl Michael Czerny
Cdl Pietro Parolin
Cdl Robert McElroy
Cdl Seán O'Malley
Cdl Timothy Dolan
Cdl Wilton Gregory
Dr Austen Ivereigh
Fr Antonio Spadaro
Fr James Martin
Fr Timothy Radcliffe
Sr Nathalie Becquart

We will exclude Pope Francis.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Catholic Church to be renamed "Y"

In a desperate attempt to modernize the Catholic Church, Pope Francis announced today that from now on, the social media organization religion will no longer be called "Catholic" but will be rebranded as "Y".

Vatican Y flag

The new flag includes a humble "Y" (in the Catholic Silly Font, naturally).

Out will go the old-fashioned "cross" logo - Pope Francis is hoping that his very-popular three-year synodal progress will come up with an alternative. "Perhaps something based on the rainbow," suggested his close confidant Fr James Martin LGBTSJ. "That's Biblical, isn't it?"

Rainbow over Vatican

Fr James Martin jets in.

"The name 'Y' came to me by divine revelation," explained the Holy Father. "I looked out of my window soon after we announced Traditionis Custodes and I had a vision of a multitude of Catholics all shouting 'Y, oh Y, oh Y?' Make a note of that, Austen, it can go in your next biography of me as an evidence of my saintliness."

In response to this radical change, Mr Elon Musk, the well-known rich person, commented "What a silly name!"

Saturday 8 July 2023

The last 8 royal saints

The results of the final rounds of the World Cup of Royal Saints will be posted here as we have them.

Quarter-finals, starting on July 11th.

Elizabeth of Hungary 61.1 v Charlemagne 38.9

A surprisingly easy win for the Hungarian nurse, putting to flight the mighty emperor.

St Margaret of Scotland 48.3 v Stephen I of Hungary 51.7

Well, the Hungarians are walking away with this, but at least this one was very close.

Jadwiga of Poland 64.5 v Charles (Karl) I of Austria 35.5

The Poles managed to drum up a massive support for the lesser-known Jadwiga. Will she go all the way?

Louis IX of France 52.3 v Edward the Confessor 47.7

Another close round, and the plucky English boy goes out.

Semi-finals, starting on July 19th.

Elizabeth of Hungary 51.7 v Louis IX of France 48.3

By a very narrow margin the Hungarian girl casts down French hopes of a victory for "les bleus".

Stephen I of Hungary 35.6 v Jadwiga of Poland 64.4

The Poles continue to muster their army of supporters, and Stephen is swept away.

Third place playoff.

Louis IX of France 46.4 v Stephen I of Hungary 53.6

Big Steve takes the BRONZE.


Elizabeth of Hungary 24.3 v Jadwiga of Poland 75.7

The Polish army sweeps the board. GOLD for Jad, and SILVER for Liz.

Details of the last eight.

Elizabeth of Hungary

Elizabeth of Hungary. C13 princess, saint.

St Margaret of Scotland

St Margaret of Scotland. C11 queen, saint.

St Jadwiga

Jadwiga of Poland. C14 monarch, saint.

St Louis

Louis IX of France. C13 king, saint.

Edward the Confesor

Edward the Confessor. C11 English king, saint.

Emperor Karl I

Charles (Karl) I of Austria. C19/20 emperor, blessed.

Stephen I of Hungary

Stephen I of Hungary. C10/11 king, saint.


Charlemagne. C8/9 emperor, beatified.

Sunday 2 July 2023

Nobody expects the Argentine Inquisition

Nobody expects the Argentine Inquisition! Our main weapon is kissing... kissing and healing... two main weapons. And a fanatical devotion to the Pope. Three main weapons. Oh, and adultery. I'll come in again.

Monty Python

You are charged with the crime of quoting Monty Python yet again.

Consider this post as another item in our long-running series "How to be a good pope" - designed for those who went to a conclave and were elected to the top job by an overwhelming 120 votes (this slightly surprised you, as there were only 115 cardinal-electors, but then your mates in the St Gallstone Mafia weren't taking any chances!)

Remember the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition? Well, it's now called the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, which doesn't sound nearly as impressive. And it needs a new boss. The first chap to run the show was Antonio Ghislieri, who later became Pope Pius V and a saint, so you must be very careful to choose a successor of equal merit.

Pius V

St Pius V - not known for writing books about kissing.

Anyway, you seem to have found the ideal candidate. You already have a track record of brilliant appointments to dicasteries - the Catholic World is lost in wonder at the exploits of Arthur "Two-dinners" Rogue in the Divine Worship office - and your old pal Archbishop Victor, alias "Touchy-feely", looks like a worthy successor to Pope St Pius V.

A quick look at his CV shows that he wrote a book called Kiss me quick, baby. A guide to healing. We're hoping that this will be made into a blockbuster film, with Austen Ivereigh in the role of the great healer. Moreover, Touch-feely helped ghost-write your own bestselling Amorous Letitia, the story of a libertine who was welcomed back into the church and (I never got that far, but I'm guessing) ended up as a Jesuit priest. This sort of thing is guaranteed to annoy the rigid backwardist indietrists who are making life so difficult for you.

Pope and Tucho

Now, Touchy-Feely, how do you plan to "sex up" Catholic teaching?

Good. You've made another brilliant appointment. Box ticked.

What's next on the agenda? Oh yes, sending the boys round to beat up Bishop Strickland, who's been stepping out of line by giving a moral lead. No problem...