This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 13 February 2015

Prayer 3: How to do intercessions

I'll hand over to Tony now, as he's going to lead us in our intercessions.

Thanks, Father Phil. Please kneel, stand, sit, or lie down - whichever position you find most comfortable - while I lead us through today's prayers.

First we pray for the Church throughout the world, and in our cycle of prayer today we think particularly of the Kingdom of Bhutan, and its king, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. Although his people are Buddhist, we know that, like us, he is only seeking the Truth, and who are we to say that we know better?

King of Bhutan

Thanks for the name-check, Tony!

We pray for Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, Archbishop Welby, the Dalai Lama, the Chief Rabbi, the Archmuslim of Canterbury, the Archdruid of Husborne Crawley, and the Supreme Freemason. May they continue to do spiritual things.

Nearer at home, it is the day that we pray for the Diocese of Scunthorpe, and particularly for Bishop Eric Blast-Furnace, that the police will soon drop all charges against him. May he be a worthy pastor of his sheep, and may the Lord help him to leave Mrs Slag alone. Oh sorry, I didn't mean to read that bit out.

Moving on, our cycle of prayer moves us to think of our brothers and sisters in the parish of Little Dreadville, their priest, Fr Nasty, and his pet hamster, Radcliffe, who is unwell. May little Radcliffe soon be turning happily in his wheel, and bring joy to all who behold him. Then, nearer to home, we remember the people living in Slaughterhouse Crescent, especially Mrs O'Ghastly, who is suffering from acute halitosis. May the Lord breathe on her, and may she breathe back without knocking Him over.

St Ermenilda of Ely

St Eormenhild (Ermenilda) of Ely.

Today is of course St Ermenilda of Ely's day, and we join her in our intercessions. Although she does not appear to be the patron saint of anything in particular, simply mentioning Ermenilda of Ely reminds us to pray for all producers and wearers of ermine, all people who risk their lives for us in order to catch or eat eels, and anyone whose name rhymes with Ermenilda. We may wish to say a prayer for all the Hildas and Matildas that we know. In fact we shall be singing "Waltzing Matilda" as our Communion Hymn later.

a stoat

A producer and wearer of ermine.

We pray for the Royal Family, in particular for Lady Louise Windsor, because we haven't "done" her for several months, and for all Members of Parliament. In our cycle of prayer we think particularly of Mr Nicholas Clegg, and we try not to laugh. O Lord, you have probably read in your Spectator a particularly nasty piece by Damian Thompson, attacking the conductors Dudamel, Gergiev and Rattle for (if you'll excuse me, Lord) political butt-kissing. Soften the heart of Dr Thompson we pray, that from now on all his words may be words of kindness and praise, that they may flow smoothly as the custard floweth in Lebanon.

custard advert

The Lord recommendeth this for thy health.

We pray for all who try to communicate the word of the Lord, whether they be priests, journalists or humble bloggers. Today we especially remember Brother Bosco of the totally unread "Why all Catholics are damned" blog.

Now we pray for the sick, especially at this time for people suffering from spots in embarrassing places, addictions to toilet-cleaning products, or delusions that they are a teapot. May their spots be healed, their beverage requirements become less potent, and their kettles whistle as they boil in the Lord's Name.

I'm a teapot

The sick.

Finally, we commemorate the departed, especially our own great-great-aunts, whether known to us or not. We also remember any whose anniversaries fall at this time, especially King Béla II of Hungary, Richard Wagner, and Mr Ronald Pickering of the BBC. In the words of Mr Pickering, "Away you go!"

Finally a moment for silent prayer, in which we bring our own needs to the Lord. No matter how complex our problems, and difficult our situation, He is ready to listen to us. One. Two. Three. That's enough silent prayer.

Lord in Your Mercy, grant these our prayers, and help us to have a Nice Day. Amen.

Thanks, Tony. That was great!


  1. Dear Eccles. This week, the Soccer World Cup actually gets under way, with Bhutan playing against Sri Lanka.

    Bhutan have never, ever, ever, played in the Soccer World Cup, before. Therefore, is it possible to include, in the Intercessions, a bit about Bhutan actually WINNING, please ?

    No offence is meant, implied, encouraged, exacerbated, initiated, or intimated, against Sri Lanka.

    No animals were hurt in the making of this Comment.

  2. Dear Eccles. Your Intercession Chappie mentioned "people suffering from spots in embarrassing places".

    My Aunt Gladys reckons she's suffering a lot from her spot in Clacton (Shuffleton Crescent). She says it's very bland and boring and there's nothing to do.

    As she's very embarrassed to invite anyone back to her place ('cos it's boring, etc), is there any chance of an Intercession, please ?


  3. Dear Eccles. Your Intercession Chappie mentioned: "We may wish to say a prayer for all the Hildas and Matildas that we know. In fact we shall be singing "Waltzing Matilda" as our Communion Hymn later."

    In case your lot like the Latin Mass, I append "Waltzing Matilda" in Latin.

    I think you'll find that they all will love a damned good sing-song and will all congregate in the Church Hall, afterwards, for a couple of "cold tinnies".

    P.S. No Sheilas.


    [To be sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda]

    1. tendit in fusis amnis erro lacubus
    grato sub tegmine myrteti,
    cecinitque tuens dum fervet igne caccabus
    "quis comes ambiclitella mihi?"

    Chorus: ambiclitella, ambiclitella,
    tu comes ambiclitella mihi
    cecinitque tuens
    dum fervet igne caccabus
    "tu comes ambiclitella mihi"

    2. venit ovicula - vult sorbitiunculam,
    corripit erro, exsultans vi,
    et in peram ut condit, canit cantiunculam:
    "tu comes ambiclitella mihi?

    Chorus: ambiclitella, ambiclitella,
    tu comes ambiclitella mihi
    et in peram ut condit,
    canit cantiunculam:
    "tu comes ambiclitella mihi"

    3. venit colonus, equitans agricola;
    hunc comitantur tres viri.
    "cuius in pera latet haec ovicula?"
    tu comes ambiclitella mihi!"

    Chorus: ambiclitella, ambiclitella,
    tu comes ambiclitella mihi
    "cuius in pera
    latet haec ovicula?"
    "tu comes ambiclitella mihi!"

    4. praeceps sed erro ruit in voraginem,
    se boat vivum nolle capi.
    lacubusque canentem audias imaginem:
    "tu comes ambiclitella mihi"

    Chorus: ambiclitella, ambiclitella,
    quis comes ambiclitella mihi?
    lacubusque canentem
    audias imaginem:
    "quis comes ambiclitella mihi?"

    THE END.

  4. Replies
    1. We pray for all people called Tony, Anthony, Toni, Antonia, Anton, Antoine, Antonio, 安東尼, أنتوني, ... especially any known to us. Also Mr Ant, colleague of Mr Dec.

    2. But we exclude from our inclusive bidding prayers all narstie traddie wimmin called Antonia, their narstie traddie family and friends, and all those who have recently come to worship at St Royston of Vasey - "A local church for local witches".

    3. I'm sure that a prayer from Fr Arthur would contain a long list of people to be excluded.

    4. Oh - did you not hear? Farver Arfur's parish church St Darryl the Apostate ran out of money and closed after he spent the building restoration fund on installing a home-cinema in the presbytery and a giant jacuzzi in the baptistery.

      He was posted next to St Triduanatilists, where he unfortunately burned the church to the ground while attempting to exorcise the mantillas.

  5. And lest we forget, let us pray for Judas Iscariot who has been so unjustly demonised in hate literature which is judaphobic; pray for the soul of tony bliar whose charitable war against WMD Hussein saved the world from the great chastisement and. finally, Francis Pope the postmodernist media cult figure whose rhymless poetry has tried and tested the human race for many decades (of the Rosary).