This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 7 February 2014

Vatican criticises UN over child abuse

This week, the United Nations came under intense pressure from the Catholic Church, having been asked to explain its brutal treatment of children.

UN building

The sinister organization run by Fr Ban Ki-moon.

In a hard-hitting report, the Vatican pointed out that the UN in general took a very anti-child attitude, even supporting the murder of babies in the womb. Moreover, even children who survived the first nine months of life were in grave danger. As Fox News pointed out, children are being poisoned in Syria, forced into the army in Uganda, and sold for sex in Thailand. Even liberal Catholics concede that this is - by and large, and taking all things into consideration - against the Spirit of Vatican II.

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon. Note the Satanic symbols on his shirt.

Perhaps the most sinister part of the UN is the so-called "Security Council", where notorious tyrants, such as Xi Jinping of China, Vladimir Putin of Russia, François Hollande of France, Barack Obama of the United States, and David Cameron of the United Kingdom, send representatives to discuss new ways of tormenting children: for example, by "air strikes" on any country that gets in their way.

Pope and Ban Ki-moon

Pope Francis asks Ban Ki-moon to explain his shirt (not shown).

Meanwhile, in England, God's representative in London, Cardinal-elect Vincent Nichols, has been at the forefront of attacks on the UN, even going so far as to mutter to himself "Hmmph, this really is not on!" when he read about their activities in the Guardian.


Rebels against the UN: these ladies refuse to sign up to the cult of Ban Ki-mono.


  1. …and Pope Francis was heard to mutter something about boteteteranegro.

    Asked to comment, Fr. Lombardi stated that he didn’t think it was a reference to Mate

  2. Gude reportage. Another gude reportage is camel books or caramel books or what it is they corl vemselfs.

    Vey must bee nirly saived, shirley?

    UN Instructs Vatican to Implement Systematic Child Abuse Programme

  3. Darling eccles, glad you are back and well - that will have ruined the day of several trolls - the Rev Sun Yung Moon's organisation is surely a cult and should be Banned Ki Moon xx Jess

  4. Banksy Moon is wearing a mozzetta and obviously giving some kind of blessing. Is this crazy Thai humour or a coaching session?

  5. Plus all those instances of rape and use of prostitutes by UN peacekeeping forces across the world.