This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday 15 May 2023

Putting pressure on the Pope

When you run a very popular blog that is read by nearly four people, as I do and as Mike Lewis of Where Pacha Is does, you have to be careful what you write as you never know who will see it.

Pressure on the Pope

See the problem?

Every morning Pope Francis dips into Where Pacha Is to see what brilliant thing he should be doing that day. Maybe an aeroplane trip in order to announce some shiny new doctrine on same-sex climate change? Perhaps he expects another visit from Austen Ivereigh, who will be doing his Judy Garland impersonation, singing "We're off to see the Synod, the Wonderful Synod of Sin"? Or IS THERE A BISHOP HE SHOULD SACK?

Well, of course there are quite a few bishops who should be sacked, or, more precisely, put in a sack and dropped at the bottom of the ocean, but this a blog of love and kindness and we won't mention them by name. Until next time.

The pressure begins to tell on Pope Francis.

Usually, the Pope has no problems reading Where Pacha Is. Its main message is "Pope Francis is right on everything, even when he's wrong, and if he says something that contradicts previous popes, saints, etc. then they must have been wrong. Or, more precisely, since the Magisterium is constantly changing, they were right at the time, but definitely wrong now. He's also amazingly handsome and charming." But sometimes, WPI tries to predict how the Magisterium will develop, and Pope Francis cannot keep up.

Fortunately, a man of great influence and sensitivity like the Where Pacha Is supremo knows where to draw the line. Well done!

Pope Francis also takes advice on how to cook sausages.


  1. Bergoglio is Master of All Things where Pacha is ; except that the magnificent Mike Lewis is plusquam Petrum ...

    All Hail the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Pacha !!

  2. I actually like to learn about the mechanisms behind the making of sausages, although I don't expect everyone to be at my intellectual level. (Not even the pope!) But the doctrine behind the making of sausages? Please don't keep us in suspense too long before the next installment: The Sausage Doctrine. Possibly as important as, well, any other random statement coming from the Eternal City in the past several years. Don't keep us waiting any longer, WPI!

  3. Leave The Pope alone! You must not be Catholic or you would call him by his proper title Pope Francis Bishop Of Rome and you would also know it is sacrilegious and grave sin to criticize or call any pope a heretic

  4. Dear Eccles.

    I don't think you are taking all this seriously !!!

  5. WPI recipe for haggis-iography?