This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday 8 April 2024

Misused churches - the final rounds

We introduced the World Cup of Misused Churches here.

This post will be used for the results of the quarter-finals and later rounds. Here are photos of those remaining churches that were not already mentioned in the previous post.

giant sweater

Vienna - giant sweater.

holy cow

Borgloon (Belgium) - holy cow.

light and sound

Washington - light and sound

God is trans

New York - God is trans.


St Edmundsbury, Masonic dinner 76.8 v Vienna, Giant sweater 23.2

Westminster, Amal puppet 37.9 v Rochester, Crazy golf 62.1

Canterbury, Silent disco 49.6 v Borgloon (Belgium), Holy cow 50.4

Washington, Light and sound 11.4 v New York, God is trans 88.6


St Edmundsbury, Masonic dinner 47.6 v Borgloon (Belgium), Holy cow 52.4

Rochester, Crazy golf 20.0 v New York, God is trans 80.0


St Edmundsbury, Masonic dinner 75.0 v Rochester, Crazy golf 25.0.

Bronze medal to the St Edmundsbury Masonic dinner. Bon appetit!


Borgloon, Holy cow 51.5 v New York, God is trans 48.5

Holy cow! Borgloon takes the Gold (just) and New York the Silver.


  1. Over thirty years ago ,I read about these things happening in churches in a book called Faith is greater than Obedience by Rev Albert Drexel.On the eve of every first Friday Christ appearred to him and told him what was happening in the Church.Its been unreal watching these things unfold.The book is impossible to get in print ,but is available online to download and read.

  2. Just when you think things can't get any tackier...and we haven't had a massive food fight...yet.

  3. The Washington light and sound is, I assume, Cardinal Gregory's pastoral outreach to the congregations he has deprived of the TLM and ad orientem Novus Ordo.