This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 25 March 2012

De Voyage of St Eccles

1. Dere was a young man whose name was Eccles (wot meaneth "Church" or "Chappel") and he was saved. He also liked savin uvver poeple, and dey came from far and wide to read his luvvly blogg.

2. And dis Eccles was de bruvver of St Bosco, wot hath got his own book of de Bibble, so I aint sayin much about him, except dat his way of savin poeple was to get actors to dress up as preists and do nasty fings so dat he cuold put dere pitchers on his blogg.

3. Now Eccles goeth on a juorney to a far cuontry called Austriala, wot is full of boomerangs, and didgeridoos, and uvver savvage creechers. Dis was in order to look after an old lady called Judy, she dat dey calleth Moly-ben-Dite, wot was his Grate-Ant.

4. Some sayeth dat dis Judy, or Moly, hath also a grandson in Brisbane, wot was imprisoned for showin his nether regions to de Queen Eli-Zabeth when she visiteth from de North. But Moly doth deny dat it was any rellatoin, even dough dey hath very simmilar manners.

5. "Anti Moly," sayeth Eccles. "Where thou goest I is gonna go too, cos dey will lock you up if I doesnt." And dey took provisoins for de juorney, dat dey hungereth not, niether doth dey die of thirst, wot is somefink dat truobleth Moly terribly.

Moly drink

6. And they came upon a town called Pottymouth, which being translated meaneth "The mouth of de Rivver Potty." And dey settled in Anti Moly's luvvly home in Stickybeak Street.

7. Now Anti Moly was grately truobled by insonmia, and sleepeth not. And she crieth out in de nihgt: "Woeful! Yeah, verily, it is woeful!"

8. For she imagineth dat dere is rabits under her bed and possums jumpin up and down on de roof. But some sayeth dat it is de strong drink what is a mocker.

9. And one of de nieghbours in Stickybeak Street waxeth angry, and he sayeth unto Eccles, "We cannot abide dis Ant of yours, for she waketh us in de nihgt wiv her cries."

10. Dis maketh Moly sore wrathful too, which aint hard to do, and she grabbeth de shirt off dis nieghbours back. Den she looketh at de labbel, and sayeth, "Dat proveth it, you is a member of de Traddy Cathlic Clique wot is tormentin me."


11. And Moly she venteth her spleen by writin messages on de blogg of a man called Damain, wot was formerly a grate sage, known as de blood-crazed ferret.

12. Latterly, dis Damain aint very good at profuond spiritaul matters, as his only engagement wiv relligoin was to discuss de quallificatoins of de learned Doctor Charters, and de foolish prattle of de not quite so learned Nick Banes.

13. But Moly she continueth her vendetta against de Church, and she imagineth dat dere is sockpoppets writin, so dat she can attack dem even when dey aint dere. For it is written in de book of Joell, "Your old ladies will see visoins and dreem dreems, at least if dey dont sober up and get some propper spectacules."

14. But the time cometh when Moly sayeth unto Eccles, "Arise up, Eccles, you nubmskull. For I is called to go to Sidney to see a Holly Man, he that is called Pell. For when I was yuong, he adored me, yeah he sayeth unto me, as it is written in de Song of Sollomon:

15. Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them."

16. "Dat aint rihgt, Anti," sayeth Eccles, "cos thy teeth is in de glass of water by de side of de bed."

[Pitcher of Anti Moly's teeth removed cos it mihgt offend sensitive poeple.]

17. "Never mind dat," snappeth Anti Moly. "We is off to rejoin my beloved."

18. "Shall I saddle de ass, Anti Moly?" asketh Eccles.

19. "Nay, Eccles, thou moron," sayeth his Ant. "We is gonna take de Indian Pacific trane."


Here endeth de fust chapter of de story of Eccles's voyage to Sidney.

Continued here.


  1. Eccles -- I have found a little page of spiritual guidance that your Aunty has been using for preparation in this lovely spiritual journey that you are now embarking on.


    1: Now these are the names of the sockpuppets of the Rabbit, which came into Damian's blog:

    2: Benedict Carter, Damian, Eccles, and Judah,

    3: The Raven, JabbaPapa, and Gertrude,

    4: Annie, and johnhenry, GS1, and Cutley,

    5: and countless others too numerous to detail,

    6: unless you happen to be Mrs Molly Bdenite.

    7: And all the sockpuppets that came out of the keyboard of the Rabbit were seventy times seventy traddy Catholics.

    8: And the Rabbit left Damian's blog, and all his sockpuppets, and all those traddies.

    9: And the trolls of Damian's blog were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the internet was filled with them.

    10: Now there arose up a new Damian over the internet, which knew not the traddies.

    11: And he said unto his subscribers, Behold, the trolls of Damian's blog are more and mightier than we:

    12: Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any flame war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the internets.

    13: Therefore they did set over them Moderators to afflict them with their a priori politically correct prejudice. And they built for Damian cages with bars of gold, Daily and Telegraph.

    14: But the more they appeased the trolls, the more they multiplied and grew. And these trolls were grieved because of the existence of the Christians and the Catholics.

    15: And they made their postings bitter with hard atheism, in cynicism, and in spite, and in all manner of trolling in the blog: all their trolling, wherein they made them angry, was with compulsive anti-religious obsessiveness.

    16: And the Damian spake to the Traddy Sockpuppets, of which the name of the one was Germanus, and the name of the other Conejo:

    17: And he said, ROFL LOL woeful.

    18: And the Damian called for the trolls, and said unto them, Go Forth And Multiply.

    19: And the trolls said unto Damian, Because the Traddies are not as the Atheists; for these Catholics are educated, and are possessed of University Degrees from Reputable Institutions;

    20: Therefore Damian grew jealous of his teachings, and told these sockpuppets "good riddance LOL ROFL": and the trolls multiplied, and waxed very mighty.

    21: And it came to pass, because the sockpuppets loved God, that He made them new places in the internet.

    22: And Damian charged all his people, saying, Every sockpuppet ye shall cast into the Lake of Fire, and every traddy shall ye ROFL most mightily.

  2. Dat is most spiritaully upliftin, JabaPappa. Fank you for dat.