This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Stop teasing poor Massimo

Egg on face time for Professor Massimo "Beans" Faggioli, the world's greatest theologian, as he was caught by a practical joke from Matthew Schmitz of First Things and the Catholic Herald.

Schmitz posted some interesting sentiments about Pope Francis, and Massi jumped in to say what nonsense they were.

Massimo and Schmitz

The snag was, that Schmitz's tweet was a direct quotation from Fr Rosica of the Satan Lite Media Group, one of Pope Francis's chief bootlickers. Of course, Rosie was describing Pope Francis as a dictator with enthusiasm, a point of view that most people would not share.

Rosie's rant

Was Rosie the author of "The Dictator Pope" after all?

Oh well, we all make mistakes, except Pope Francis of course, and Massi was very amused to be caught in the trap. So much so that he responded in these terms:

Massimo and Schmitz

We amateur snipers can only look on in wonder.

If I were not running the World Cup of Bad Hymns (see this blog and my Twitter feed ad nauseam, and with particular nausea as we approach the semi-finals), I would try and organize a "Let's amuse Massi" competition. We could tweet something at him, and see if he bites.


1. Quote a chunk of Amoris Laetitia, the sillier the better, and see if he condemns it.

2. Quote something Massi himself said (he says so much that he can't possibly remember it all), and wait for it to be rejected.

3. (Best of all) quote Holy Scripture, perhaps a few verses from the Sermon on the Mount, and see Massi tell us that this is old-fashioned thinking and "modern theology like what I does" has shown it to be ridiculous.

the three stooges

Jim, Steve, and Rosie prepare a practical joke on Massi.


  1. Good experiment! The joke is on Massimo Faggioli for his two-faced hypocrisy. The problem is that Faggioli and others support Francis' dictatorship.

  2. Tweet that he gave one of his students at Villanova an A when she wrote an essay quoting authentic Catholic teaching in his Creative Theology class. He probably had never heard authentic Catholic Truth before and thought the student was brilliantly creative.

    1. Ah Villanova, in "the Augustinian Catholic intellectual tradition", now offering Queer Theory.

  3. Has any Jesuit rejected or criticized Rosica's description of Jesuit "intellectualism?"

  4. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, a sniper!!!! LOL LOL LOL
    Its just pillow talk, that's why they can't remember or absorb their own testimony..