This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 2 November 2018

I invented Fr James Martin

All right, my secret is out. As revealed by the formidable @lamblock, the character "Fr James Martin LGBTSJ" doesn't really exist, he is one of my own creations.

So what's wrong with that? Lots of people find it desirable to spice up their blogs with comic characters once in a while (cf. Fr Z's Zuhlio, Fr Longenecker's Duane Mandible, and the Tablet's Tina Beattie). I've even had a few other visitors to this blog, such as Fr Arthur, Sister Judy Piranha, and Anti Moly, whose existence is not fully established.

Satanic James Martin

So ludicrous you should have guessed it was photoshopped!

Yes, the concept of a Jesuit priest, living in New York, whose hobbies consist of (in no particular order):

1. Promoting LGBT issues;
2. Making up absurd bits of heresy;
3. Moaning about Trump;
4. Writing trashy books;
5. Self-publicity;
6. Making up absurd bits of heresy in order to moan about Trump and promote LGBT issues in his latest self-publicising trashy book...

is frankly absurd.

James Martin tweet

One of "Jim"'s favourites - pretending the Holy Spirit is female.

Look, you idiots. If Jim was a real person, he would have been disciplined by Cardinal Dolan, his ordinary, or General Sosa, the Big Cheese Jesuit. In any case a wise and orthodox pope such as Francis would never in a million years have asked him to advise on any issue more serious than the time of the next bus. Get real!

Bless you, folks, he is even supposed to have teamed up with New Ways Ministry, a well-known group of freaks, heretics, loonies, rebels, dissidents and all-round not-quite-Catholic fruitcakes. Or did I make them up as well?

James Martin tweet

"Mary Magdalene was the church." One of my silliest ideas, although I say it myself.

I'll tell you, it wasn't easy to hack into Amazon and make it seem that they were advertising a book called Building a Bridge which promotes LGBT stuff in clear contradiction to Catholic teaching. I hope nobody actually tried to buy the book, as what they will have received is a perfectly orthodox guide to civil engineering for children.

Building bridges

"I cannot recommend this book too highly" - Pope Benedict XVI.

Anyway, the cat is out of the bag now. So I will leave you to work out which of the following comic characters are also Eccles inventions:

1. Fr Thomas Rosica;
2. Cardinal Marx;
3. Dr Austen Ivereigh;
4. Cardinal Baldisseri.

HINT: One of them is real.

Another brilliant bit of photoshopping.


  1. LGBT = LetBoys&GirlsTremble I refer to the drastic misuse of hormonal medications and the non reversible surgery in some cases.

  2. Martin should be running a gay travel service. He certainly should not be a priest leading people astray. Eventually, he will be laicized and excommunicated.

    1. I was going to ask these questions.It makes no sense that he is permitted to make these heretical statements as a priest. Why are there are no consequences? Why hasn't he been laicised yet? Why does he think the Holy Spirit is a woman? I like to give people benefit of the doubt. Maybe he is very unwell. People with a brain injury or mental disorder become very confused.He might be medically unfit to be a priest. Take Martin Luther and Jean Calvin....both loony priests and look at the damage and upheaval they caused.

    2. Cressida, today, apart from heretic twerps, we have many loonies and even criminal degenerates in the priesthood, (and hierarchy) -- even at the TOP!! (Or is it really the bottom?)

    3. Fr Martin believes that the Holy Spirit is a woman because he believes in the LGBT agenda. Normal people know that the Holy Spirit is a "he", not only because God said so, but because the Holy Spirit is the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

      If the Holy Spirit were a woman then being the spouse of the Virgin Mary would be a same-sex lesbian relationship and Jesus never would have been conceived.

      But then, Fr Martin, being the liberal that he is, more than likely believes that Mary got pregnant by someone other than Joseph, (or else Joseph would not have wanted to divorce her) therefore he does not believe that Christ is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

      In other words - Fr Martin doesn't believe in the Catholic Faith, so he feels he can make up something he will believe, even though it isn't at all true. It's merely his personal opinion. He only believes himself.

  3. Eccles! You really had me fooled. Now I will lie awake at night trying to solve which of the other four unbelievable characters is REALLY real. Maybe you'll get some sort of award for this.

  4. Was it really you, then Eccles, who wrote a blurb for an English translation of the Bible, sold on Amazon UK, and not your invention "Fr Jimbo Martin, LGBTSJ" after all?

  5. I REALLY hope it wasn't YOU, Eccles, who invented "Pope Francis"! That was going far too far to make any sense!

  6. From James Martin was disciplined.... by Cardinal McCarrick which is why he still can't sit down or stop talking.