This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday 19 May 2024

Pentecost Special

Some of this is true, some of it exaggerated. Decide for yourselves which is which.

To Mass on Pentecost Sunday. We were told in advance that there would be a bring-food-and-share-it meal afterwards, encouraged to wear our own national costumes and bring our traditional food (we're a fairly diverse parish).

First surprise: the three Mass readings weren't in English (or even Latin). Admittedly, they were printed in English on the service sheet, but it sometimes became impossible to match them to the foreign-language readings we heard.

Zulu warrior

"... how does it happen that each hears him in his own native language?"

(N.B.: we didn't this time.)

One example: an African in traditional costume read the bit from the Acts of the Apostles. Actually, not a great loss, as he has such a heavy accent that I cannot always follow him when he reads in English, either.

The other languages used were easier to identify.

"What traditional English costume was Eccles wearing?" You may ask. I had several possibilities, but I won't reveal which one I eventually chose.

Morris dancers

Option 1.

Sherlock Holmes

Option 2.

Thomas More

Option 3.

I did my bit for diversity by putting some left-over Swedish kronor in the collection, rather than the usual 5p. I've been trying to get rid of them for several years.

Anyway, we come to the bring-food-and-share-it. What traditional English foods would appeal to everyone? Tripe and onions? Black pudding? Jellied eels? Eccles cakes (of course)?

And what traditional foreign foods will they offer in return? Frogs' legs? Snails? Sheep's eyes? Korean hot dogs? Yummy!

In the end we were blessed by food from the New Hebrides / Vanuatu, where traditionally they ate missionaries.

vicar in pot



  1. Having attended similar such Masses in the past (often with no warning). You are lucky to get off likely with only the readings in different languages.

    They are based off how the weekly Mass in Lourdes it's organised.

  2. I think that last bit was made up, I hope! 🤣🤣

  3. You crack me up! Thanks.

  4. 😆😁🤣 Now this is HILARIOUS!

  5. Dear Eccles.

    I don't think you are taking this seriously !!!

  6. Too true to be good...