This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday 27 May 2024

The eight greatest Catholic leaders

I'm using this post to record the results of the final rounds of the World Cup of Great Catholic leaders. Many well-known "leaders" have fallen by the wayside, including Pope Francis, Cardinals Fernández and Roche, and those invited to President Biden's party for Catholic leaders, such as Fr James Martin SJ and Fr Thomas Reese SJ. But there is plenty of talent left in the competition.


Sarah and Zuhlsdorf

Robert Sarah 81.2 v John Zuhlsdorf 18.8

Strickland and Müller

Joseph Strickland 33.6 v Gerhard Ludwig Müller 66.4

Schneider and Burke

Athanasius Schneider 51.6 v Raymond Burke 48.4

Viganò and Zen

Carlo Maria Viganò 21 v Joseph Zen 79


Robert Sarah 66.1 v Athanasius Schneider 33.9

Gerhard Ludwig Müller 31.6 v Joseph Zen 68.4


Athanasius Schneider 58.9 v Gerhard Ludwig Müller 41.1

BRONZE for Bishop Schneider!

!!! FINAL !!!

Robert Sarah 61.7 v Joseph Zen 38.3

GOLD for Cardinal Sarah, SILVER for Cardinal Zen!


  1. All great.. Pray for them.

  2. They each should ask for an examination of the 2013 conclave in light of Universi Domenici Gregis.

  3. Heartbreaking competition. Can't do it.

  4. oh man!!...some tough choices...give 'em all a participation trophy and have a banquet.

    My money's on Vigano....for actual, real, not gay and fake pope.

  5. Pope Benedict by many signs indicated Cardinal Sarah as his worthy successor.