This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday, 9 September 2011

Worshipin fishes

Bosco and me is still down at de seeside, wiv Anti Moly, and Bosco have got a new thoery about de Cathlic churhc wot he read in a commic. Dey is all fish-worshipers, startin wiv dat rotten man Peter who dey fink was someone improtant wiv de keys to Heaven. Dats nonsense for a start as dere is several sets of keys to Heaven, Bosco got a set himself, he buought dem on Ebbay, because he is saved.

At de seeside, dere is lotsa fishes and we wasnt suprised to see some dames in fish hats goin to Mass at de Cathlic churhc.

Fish worshiper

Anti Moly shouted at her: "Traddie sockpoppet! Why cant you be like darlin sweet Cuttley wot I adores so?" De dame was a bit nonnplused but went into de Mass.

Crab worshiper

Dis one also got some powerful religgious cricketism from Anti Moly, viz she frew a gin bottle at her, but it missed.

Bosco was explainin to me dat de Cathlics is all de hares of Doggone, de Babbleonion fish god, and dat de Pop is de worst offender, and he definittely aint saved. Indeed, when dey say preists wears Dog Collars, dey is reely Doggone Collars. Did you ever see a dog wearing a white band like dem cosstume holly men does? Nope. So you sees what I means.

I aint managed to find a pitcher of de Pop worshipin fishes, but here he is in a boat, and dats pretty suspicoius, innit?

Pop gone to worship fish

Bosco have deccided dat de only way to save de Cathlic churhc is for dem to make him de next Pop. We is luanchin our campaing now, BOSCO FOR POP, and we hopes for your support.

De Cathlics is counterattackin and dey says dat Bosco he is also tianted by de fish herressy. I am sure dat dere is a good explannation for dis pitcher of de hotel in which we is all stayin.

Bosco fish

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