This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 28 May 2018

St Theresa of Downing Street

Catholic priests are not normally allowed to marry (and this includes Bishop Toribio Ticona, whom Pope Francis has just put on his "Raise this guy to the cardinalate" list, in error for his "Throw this guy to the dogs" list).

Thus there are very few of the rare breed known as "clergymen's daughters" in the Catholic Church; of course the Anglicans have plenty, and even some rare fish known as "clergywomen's daughters", who call their mother "father".

Theresa May and Vincent Nichols

St Theresa (alias V. Nichols) shares a bottle of ketchup with a cleric (J. Etchingham).

Clergymen's daughters are often saintly creatures, and today we pay tribute to St Theresa of Downing Street. Her father would have been so proud of her, when she showed her support for same-sex "marriage". Those embarrassing bits in the Bible about homosexual acts being sinful, and marriage being an institution for a man and a woman, were long since discarded by the Church of England, which strives always to keep up with the latest fashions in morality. But there was more...

scandalous tweet

St Theresa expresses her support for King Herod.

As a clergyman's daughter, St Theresa is familiar with many Biblical characters, and she has always had a weakness for King Herod. "A real man," she drools, "who knew how to deal with children!" Thus she was delighted when Ireland decided to vote for mass infanticide, and she felt obliged to send her support. Good luck with explaining that to the DUP, her partners in government.

Of course, St Theresa is not the only party leader with this point of view. St Jeremy of Corbyn and St Vince of Cable would doubtless agree with her, if anyone cared for five minutes what they thought on any issue. How wonderful to see a Government of National Unity!

Let's finish with a happy picture of the Mays leaving a church.

Theresa and Philip May

An everyday Anglican scene: that awkward moment when nobody else turned up.


  1. But.... remember that she chose, as one of her 8 Desert Island Discs - Tantum Ergo.

    1. If that's right the poor woman's deluded in her self-justification.

    2. Don't discourage her-if we're lucky, she might head off to a desert island.

  2. Eccles, I like the pic of Vinny & Tere (or J. Etch??) --luvverly happy-looking couple, though I couldn't make out why they were at the King Herod Clinic's new Dublin branch when we've had perfectly good ones here in the UK for years-- and also seeing as they prefer even immigrants to babies. Signed, Confused, Cheam.