This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Entering on a sacred journey of becoming whole

Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has signed a letter to Boris Johnson condemning Conversion Therapy for "trans" people. (Rowan himself was never very good at converting people, even to Anglicanism.)

Rowan Williams

The Archdruid of Canterbury (no, this is not photoshopped).

The letter contains the immortal sentence "To be trans is to enter on a sacred journey of becoming whole: precious, honoured and loved, by yourself, by others, and by God."

See, it's not just about denying the identity given to you by God, putting on a wig and high heels, and perhaps taking some weird drugs and/or having a few bits cut off. An archbishop has spoken, so the argument is over.

Or could it be a misprint for trains?

Many children aged about 3 or 4 play trains. Chugging round the garden saying "I'm a train. Choo choo!" is perfectly normal behaviour in kids. What can parents do if they have a "trains" kid?

Thomas the Tank Engine

A child (Thomas) after "trains" surgery.

Such children merely want to enter on a sacred journey of becoming whole (© Archdruid Rowan). Their parents should encourage them with "trains" surgery - remove their legs and have wheels fitted; feed them on coal; fit a little chimney to the top of the head. All this is available on the National Health Service, and it is only right.

Well, that's settled. People who have already adopted a "trains" existence have found their true station in life, and should not be converted to a "normal" existence - that would be going off the rails completely! With that slight edit, we agree totally with his Druidness.

Just a biological question to finish off. What does "non-binary" mean? Binary... 0 and 1... well, without getting too anatomically explicit here, your naughty bits vaguely resemble one or the other, don't they?


  1. 'Trains surgery', 'true station in life', 'going off the rails'!!! Ha, ha, very good.
    In slightly different vein:
    There was an archdruid named Rowan,
    His theology made people groan;
    His opinions on trans,
    They won him no fans -
    Thank God his vestments were only on loan.

  2. De Archdruid is on a scary journey to becoming wholly unchristian.

  3. I have finally understood what "non-binary" means.
    I had learned in primary school 60yrs ago that binary = 0 or 1. And Eccles had explained what it is all about 60 yrs later.
    Thank you so much, Sir!
    Am I old!!