This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 20 April 2020

The true facts about the SSPX

I don't think I have ever blogged about the Society of St Pius X before, but there has been too much acrimonious debate about it recently, involving people like Field-Marshal Taylor, Lieutenant Steve Kojak, about sixteen people called Gordon - one of whom wants me to @askyourantimoli - and so on. Even Father Z has waded in, guns blazing.

bears fighting

A snapshot of Catholic Twitter.

Clearly everyone is waiting for me to give a ruling. Right, here goes.

SSPX is wonderful. Schismatic. The only true faith. A bunch of disobedient weirdos. The best hope for mankind. With invalid orders. Much better than the "ordinary" post-Vatican II Church. Unable to organize a decent clown Mass. But its priests are approved of by all Popes. Although not Pius X. Well of course not you numbskull he wasn't alive then. Condemned by all decent people. Perfectly able to conduct Masses and Confessions. Yeah but only in emergencies if you can't get a proper Jesuit. You're starting to annoy me, buster. Get lost and take your poncy Latin with you. Just watch it or you'll get a schism in the back of your head. Oh yeah you and whose army? BAM! POW! OUCH! YAROOH! BEAST!


Well, we seem to have reached a consensus there.

Meanwhile, the "liberal" wing of the Catholic Church continues to misbehave while nobody's watching. Recently, Blase Cupich, the World's Worst Cardinal, blessed a pantomime horse (well, it was billed as a Chinese 'lion-awakening' ritual, but we know that the pantomime season hadn't quite ended).

Cupich and pantomime lion

Hail to thee, O Pantomama!

Uncle Blase has also been a bit dismissive of the power of prayer. That could just be because he's been addressing the Chinese lion-god by mistake.

Now, when the SSPX wars are over, can we go back to smiting the real heretics?

pantomime horse etc.

"The pantomime Cardinal will be along soon."


  1. Is that a picture of (ex)Fr Leonardo Boff who was definitely in the liberal wing of the Church. Perhaps I am showing my age because his name may mean nothing to younger readers. He was another who was schooled in South America.

    1. I believe that it is. Boff has been in the news recently concerning his opinion on the virus,"Leonardo Boff, 81, believes that the coronavirus is “a retaliation from Gaia for the insults we inflict upon her” (, March 14)."
      Link to full article at


  2. I managed ("BAM! POW! OUCH! YAROOH! BEAST!") two or three tweets and knew better than to continue. Have decided, however, to use 'FSSPX' from now on-- hope they think that result of their nonsense makes it worthwhile.

  3. Field-Marshal Taylor heehee! I've got to be honest, I sometimes attend an SSPX church (it's only ten minutes from me right in the middle of the Jewish community in Gateshead) and its super duper Catholic. If anyone is schismatic it's the modern hand holding lot (does Vatican II even mention holdinbng hands?) especially at the minute 😂