This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Friday 27 October 2023

The World Cup of Synod Jargon

The only way to understand the purpose of this Synod on Synodality is to see how people have described it. Accordingly we shall hold a World Cup of Synod Jargon, starting on Monday 30th October (using Twitter/X polls once more).

Ivereigh's experts

Synodal experts!

So far the runners and riders are as follows. I will accept more authentic nominations if they are genuine quotations from synodists, and I am adding new ones to the list as they are received.
a concrete, theologically astute application
a constitutive dimension
a harmony of unity and plurality
a kenotic de-centering
a listening Church
a missionary synodal Church
a new way of being Church
a place of acceptance and discernment
a synod doesn't decide — it discerns
an invitation to step towards God's table
authentic listening
beyond fragmentation and polarization
Catholics must experience the synod, must do synod
conversation in the Spirit
creating spaces for everyone
decision-making processes in an authentically synodal manner
encounters in faith
enlarge the space of your tent
experts in the synod hall
God's surprises
healthy restlessness of incompleteness
help open the doors of the church
humanity tempted by the post-human
involving and energizing the entire community
listening and dialogue
live unity-in-diversity
manage tensions
moving outwards towards everyone in order to go together

not Babel — Pentecost
not concerned with emotions so much as motions
nourished unceasingly
our identity and vocation 
our pilgrim journey 
outpouring of the Holy Spirit
participation, governance, and authority
put the synod's fruits into action
significance of the round tables
synod mothers
that respects the protagonism of the Spirit
the art of new narratives
the courage to encounter reality
the horizon of communion
the invitation to journey together
the lived experience that has been shared
the most exciting moment in the Catholic Church since Vatican II
the synod process is organic and ecological 
the synodal Church as an integral experience
the truest, most vital dynamisms of the human
the vision of Vatican II
theological and ecclesial depth
this time of profound encounter and dialogue
useful for communal discernment
walking together

And if you read all that lot without screaming, then congratulations!

Synodal wimmin

Synodal wimmin!


  1. Thank you for the vocabulary lesson. And I think the participants gave 110% and left it all on the field. (I watch too much football.)

  2. "Theologically Walking And Talking Spiritually"

    "Spiritual Heurmaneutic In Teams"

    "Bold Undertaking Gets God Entering Reality"

    Wait... I've missed the point of this haven't I? I'll get my coat....

  3. Bertie Wooster's Tune

    Now there's a good ship
    HMS Cock Robin
    On her Rome trip
    Up & down she's bobbin'
    So the crew's pretty tough
    The sea is so rough
    They're all fed up with doctrine
    They've had more than enough

    We've got a Jesuit
    He's an able seaman
    And they call him Bald-head James...
    I'll wire ahead to meet you
    And with our pals I'll treat you
    So who'd you think I have a message from...?

    47 ginger-headed Synodlers
    Sail to Rome across the briny sea
    When the anchor's weighed
    And the deal is made
    Rupnik will start the party
    With a "Heave-ho, me heartie"

    47 ginger-headed Synodlers
    You can bet your bottom dollar how they'll Holler(ich)
    A dean from down in Devon
    Said my idea of heaven
    Is 47 ginger-headed Synodlers!

  4. I pray that this Synod will receive the art of new narratives, the radical humility of those who learn to recognize the likeness of the Kingdom in the truest, most vital dynamisms of the human

    1. Very good. It's hard to be sure whether you made that up.

    2. That's straight from a synod talk by Sr Maria Grazia Angelini. Wonderful stuff.

    3. Excellent, I will extract a couple of phrases from that. Thanks.

  5. Dear Eccles.

    Excellent coverage of The Synod’s use of “wordage and verbage”.

    Is it true that your new World Cup will be known as The Eccles Gold Cup for “Gobbledygook” ?

    And will the winning entry be announced in Latin ?

  6. OK, nominations closed. We have 50 masterpieces of obfuscation.

    1. Always hilarious dear Eccles

  7. I hopp you nevver get canceld by de Millytant Church bruvver, and dat all youv writted isn't vanishd away like bruvver Voris.