This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bosco got boils

Well we saw it commin, Bosco have got boils. Dis is de sixth plaque, and I really am worried about whether my dear bruvver has got dis Salivation business tottally sown up. Bosco phoned up Jessus to complane dat de Lord was persecutin him, but de number was unobtainabble.

Dis is a fambly blogg, and a photo of my darlin bruvver Bosco wiv boils mihgt be a bit scarey for children and give dem bad dreams, so I has painted his portrait for dis blogg. Note dat dis aint a graven image, and you would have to be mad to want to kiss it.

Bosco wiv boils

In fact we got de next plaque almost immediattely, dat was hail and thunder. Bosco was in de garden and a lot of big hail stones hit him on de head. I hope it dont bring on his concusion again, but franckly it is hard to tell when he is normal.

As it was Sunday, we went to de Calumny Chappel again, and Bosco disgiused himself, so dat nobody knew he had de plaque. In fact we is very braod-minded in de Chappel, and all de Pastor said was "You is lookin very well today Bosco, I hopes dat de brane dammage is better". Dis is Bosco in disgiuse.

Bosco in disgiuse

De Bibble readin today was all about Solommon askin de Lord for wisdom, well Bosco got dat already. You can tell dat from his briliant thoelogical blogg, and de way he can argue de hind leg off a donkey (we got a lot of three-legged donkeys round here so dat proves it).

What I remembers about Solommon was dat he used to cut babies in half, I hope dat Bosco aint gonna start doin dis, we got enuogh probblems already wiv Anti Moly, and I dont fink dat can be de rihgt way to get saved. But I has hid de carvin knife just in case.

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