This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bosco wins an award

De very excitin news today is dat Bosco have won an award from "Pervo Times". Dis aint a maggazine dat we reads in our household (usually, Bosco prefers de comics, and I is advancin on my spirritual journy by readin de Daily Telegrahp).

As anyone knows who have read Bosco's luvly blogg, he is very fond of postin pitchers of poeple dressed up as preists wot is kissin each other. I hasnt got the hart to tell him that dey aint reel preists, it is moddles panderin to de fantassies of sick poeple. Pastor Spaghetti of de Calumny Chappel says dat dere is some sick poeple in de Cathlic churhc, but frankly none of dem is as weird as my dere bruvver Bosco. I hasnt got de hart to say dat to Bosco, neither.

De Pervo Times poeple did say dat dere was one photo on Bosco's blogg dat was too kinky even for dere reeders, it was labelled "Pic of my girlfiend". Actaully Bosco aint gotta girlfiend, although dere was a very uggly girl once dat went on a date wiv Bosco on condition dat she could take along her duaghter, who was a Judo expert, to protect her. We managged to take a photo of her within de first 10 minutes, after which she ran away screemin.

Bosco is curently lookin for a reel girlfiend, he is in love wiv dis dame. She is very pretty but I fink her teef is too big (dont tell Bosco I said this).

Bosco's girl

She live somewhere near de cemeterry and is busy all day so we only sees her at night.

We is waitin for the award from "Pervo Times", which is a statue called Free Graces. I fink it's a bit kinky myself. Bosco gonna dress dem in cossacks and say dey is preists, den put it on his blogg.

3 graces

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