This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 25 July 2011

De eye of Horris

Well, I is gonna stay ever viggilant for ocult cymbals, as well as iddles and poeple bowin down to imagges. Bosco says dat de Eye of Horris (which is from ancient Egpyt) is very danggerous and is a cymbal used by Cathlics. I found it as a gravven image in Anti Moly's bedroom, and I is rather scarred dat it is Sattanic.

Eye of Horris

I has still got my hands full wiv dem plaques dat is afflictin Bosco. De next one dat we got is loccusts, dem's horrid little critters. Dere's a recippe in the Bibble dat says eat dem wiv wild honey, and Grate-Anti Moly from Austriala says dey is deliccious wiv kaola bear or duck-billed plattypuss (I fink dat's a sort of cat). Bosco aint amussed dat he have to share his bedroom wiv loccusts, as it inteferres wiv his prayers to St Peter. Here is Bosco lookin very annoyyed, dem critters has eaten most of his hair.

Bosco annoyyed

Bosco still aint sure why a sinless bein like him is bein afflicted wiv dese plaques. He finks it is a nasty Cathlic trick dat de nunns in de convent is playin on us, just cos we likes screemin "You aint saved, sweetie. Come and join de Calumny Chappel!" frew de Muvver Superrior's window at 4 a.m.

Me, I fink its just dat de Lord aint pleased wiv us, maybe we aint tryin hard enuogh to convert Cathlics. So Bosco have written to de Pop to invite him round for tea, and if he is foolish enuogh to come, den we shall pounce.

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