This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pope Francis organizes "Tiddly-winks for Peace"

Following his highly successful "Football (Soccer) for Peace", Pope Francis has now arranged an all-star Tiddly-Winks Game for Peace. Although the Holy Father's love of football is well known, not so many people are aware that he is also a passionate supporter of the Buenos Aires Tigres de Tiddlo and never missed a game when he lived in Argentina.


The fingers of God.

There are of course precedents for Pope Francis's latest bid for peace. In 1338 Pope Benedict XII declared himself "very unhappy with the way the 100 years war is going" and attempted to bring it to an end by arranging a tiddly-winks match between Edward III of England and Philippe VI of France; but the game had hardly started when Edward accused Philippe of smearing his counters with garlic, and the contest broke up in disorder.

Pope Benedict XII

Pope Benedict XII: his counter-measures did not prevent war.

It is expected that Diego Maradona will take part in the Tiddles for Peace: not only have many English football supporters written in saying that he a complete and utter winker, but Diego himself is said to be very attracted by the pot. However, nobody who actually has any influence on world politics has so far agreed to take part: in particular, ISIS has refused to send a team along, although they have promised to play golf with President Obama once he has surrendered the White House to them.

Winker Watson

Britain's star player.

The final words should go to Pope Francis: "Tiddly-winks is a human phenomenon, and special," he said. "A winks game is a highly symbolic act that helps show it is possible to build a culture of en-counter and a world of peace. Now, let's get squopping!"

Pope Francis gets a shirt

Pope Francis receives the "Tigres de Tiddlo" shirt of Buenos Aires.


  1. Glad to see the Pope has come up Top Trumps. Let's hope the official card-game of the Synod is "Happy Families" not Snap, Donkey, or I'm-all-right-Jacks

  2. Tiddlywinks is every bit as good as a soccer game. Better.

  3. With tiddley--winks Frances is hoping to stop the traditional Counter-Reformation. Dicey policy really.

  4. Will the unofficial anthem be Lennon's 'Imagine' once again or something more relevant to the game and its main supporter. What about 'Hard to be Humble' or 'D.I.V.O.R.C.E'
    The rules of tiddlywinks allow for the winks to be of only four colours which, of course, excludes certain rainbow hues and the game will therefore not be regarded as inclusive by some of our LBGTQOYVAY! brothers/sisters/blisters/strothers etc. and their nun supporters. Expect trouble, a well aimed wink can put your eye out.