This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Monday, 17 August 2020

Jim Wrong-un to address Democratic People's Convention

As reported by North Korea, the North Korean Jesuit magazine (editor Jim Wrong-un), Father Jim Wrong-un SJ has been invited to address the Democratic People's Republic Workers' Party Convention, which will be choosing their candidate for Supreme Leader.

James Martin

Jim Wrong-un.

In fact the way in which the new leader is chosen is very simple. The current leader, coincidentally named Kim Jong-un, is nominated, and anyone who disagrees is shot.

Fr Jim, described by his own magazine as a "faith leader" (no, don't laugh, he has many followers), is a long-term supporter of the Workers' Party, maintaining that the "seamless garbage" approach to theology means that their unfortunate habit of killing anyone who gets in their way doesn't invalidate their credentials as a strongly pro-life party; indeed, Supreme Leader Kim is a good Catholic who fully believes in bridge-building to the LGBT community - or would if it actually existed.


The US flags were later replaced by rainbow flags.

Some people have criticised Jim's invitation, but he says that he will deliver a simple prayer with a message of love, peace, justice, mercy, and a wish that all the Supreme Leader's remaining enemies are humiliated.

"And if I am given a similar invitation by the Leader of the Opposition*, I shall of course attend and say the same prayer," he explained.

*a title awarded posthumously.


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    1. It's satire. It's supposed to be made up

    2. Dear NE7. I know it's satire. I know it's supposed to be made up. This is British humour we are talking about, here, which is perfectly illustrated by the film clip from The Life of Brian (with John Cleese). I guess you are not British, eh ? Therefore, you don't understand it. May I suggest you watch The Life of Brian and other Monty Python Movies. Then, you might get the idea.

  2. Ha! 'Title awarded posthumously.' Hilarious.

  3. Somewhere in the wilderness East of Eden:

    Virtual Catholic Jim Wrong-un makes his offering to the Virtual Dem Commie Convention on behalf of the Virtual Vatican of Fearless Francis.

    Surely sounds like a Hell-hatched desperate Screwtape Scheme.