This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Party of priests mistaken for a stag do

More on that news story about priests being told to leave a pub because the bartender thought they were a stag party.

Martin, Colbert, Rosica

It's all right, my friends really are priests!

Apparently the bartender became suspicious when one of the priests, known only as "Jim", began to tell people that "gay" sex was just fine, and anyone who disagreed with him was a dirty pervert. Also, he claimed, his fellow-Jesuits, bishops, and some of the cardinals agreed with him. He explained that he had prayed a lot, and God had told him "Nice work, Jim! I couldn't have put it better Myself! LOVE the 'bridges' bit!"

The priest then broke into a chorus of "Glad to be gay," and slumped under the table, sobbing into his crème de menthe.

women bishops

Luckily, nobody spotted this rather obvious hen party!

The bartender - an otherwise unemployable theology graduate - had attempted to engage the party of priests in serious religious discussions, with reference to the Bible, the Catholic Catechism, the writings of 200 popes, St Ignatius, etc. but all that the priests could say was "**** all that, this is the new age of Mercy!"

He therefore concluded that they could not possibly be real priests, and attempted to eject them all, including an overweight fellow called "Rosie". However, he was later persuaded that they were from the new order of secularist priests - good friends of Pope Francis - and permitted them to stay.

Eric Idle, Robbie Coltrate, nuns

"I was truly shocked by their behaviour!!??" said Sister Judy Piranha (L) of the Nuns for Naughtiness.


  1. Who are those five resplendantly colorful personages?
    The funniest part of this very humorous post!

  2. The Fall in the Age of Mercy: Eve saw that the beer was good to drink and delightful, and she gave the beer to Adam, who did drink. And their eyes were opened, and Adam said "O drat, it's a woman." But Eve said, "but now these things can be changed. Or am I drunk?"

  3. Dear Eccles, were any animals injured in the making of this Post ?

    And, what is the Carbon Footprint of your excellent Blog and. also, of all the animals in the World ?

    1. One squashed wasp and a slghtly bruised cat.

    2. One of my two cats is named "Bruiser".


  4. The Episcopalian women who identify as bishops make me want to spew vis a vis the Exorcist.

  5. Can you imagine going to Confession to any of those women? It's creepy to even think about it. Eeewww!