This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

The 2nd World Cup of Bad Cardinals - the runners

Well, it's not quite 4 years since the first World Cup of Bad Cardinals, but for obvious reasons now seems like an appropriate time to give the new talent a chance to compete with the old boys.

Bad cardinal medallists

The medallists last time.

We now have [now updated] 32 nominations, consisting of all those who reached Round 2 last time (apart from Godfried Danneels who reached the last 8 but soon after went to his just reward), together with a few new guys who look very promising.
Jean-Marc Aveline
Lorenzo Baldisseri
Giovanni Becciu
Tarcisio Bertone
Joao Braz de Aviz
Francesco Coccopalmerio
Blase Cupich
Michael Czerny
Timothy Dolan
Francisco Errázuriz Ossa
Kevin Farrell
Oswald Gracias
Mario Grech
Wilton Gregory
Jean-Claude Hollerich
Walter Kasper
Roger Mahony
Oscar Maradiaga
Reinhard Marx
Robert McElroy
Wilfrid Napier
Vincent Nichols
Seán O'Malley
Marc Ouellet
Pietro Parolin
Arthur Roche
Christoph Schönborn
Leonardo Steiner
Luis Tagle
Joseph Tobin
Silvano Tomasi
Donald Wuerl
[Now updated.] Since we now have the magic 32 entrants, nominations are closed, and the competition will start on Friday 2nd September.

Oh, and we excluded popes, past and present, and also Uncle Ted McCarrick.

Pope and McCarrick

"Eccles simply doesn't appreciate my achievements."


  1. Still Cupich, the GOAT of bad Cardinals.

    1. If in the Archdiocese of Chicago, vote early & often.

  2. One of the new entries would seem an easy pre-tournament pick for semi-finalist, at the very least.

  3. Vincenzo Paglia has yet to be elevated to the sacred College of Cardinals. Strange that. He ticks all the boxes

    1. Oh gosh, you're right. I'll delete him. We still need 2 more then.

  4. We now have 32 entrants, and nominations are closed.

  5. There are no Lesser Evils. How to choose?

  6. Looking over that hapless bench of bishops, I wonder: how is it possible to decide? Maybe just give them ALL “participation trophies”!

  7. Has McElroy been up for vote yet? He has been insufferable as bishop and I am quite sure he and Jimmie Martin's agenda fits like a glove, if you catch my drift.

    1. The story so far. Qualifiers for Round 2.
      Group 1: McElroy, Maradiaga.
      Group 2: Wuerl, Kasper.
      Other groups are still active.

    2. Thanks. Will be watching like a hawk

  8. All of the men here are bad, bad, Cupich the worst of them for me though,but not by a huge margin.