This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Designer of the Dawkins dies

Former BBC designer Ray Cusick, who built Dr Who's most deadly enemy, the fearsome monsters known as the Dawkins, has died aged 84 after a short illness.

Dawkins invade London

The Dawkins invade London.

Although originally human, the Dawkins are vicious domineering monsters, incapable of feeling any normal emotions. Originally, they were humanoid creatures whose genes became unnaturally selfish; in their present form they were the creation of Dawkos, an evil genius confined to his own personal chair (the Simonyi chair for the Public Misunderstanding of Religion at Oxford).

The evil Dawkos

Dawkos, in his specially-constructed chair, gestures threateningly.

Terry Nation, the writer responsible for introducing the Dawkin monsters into the Dr Who stories, died in 1997. It was he who was responsible for the main characteristics of the Dawkins, their mesmerisingly robotic voices, and their repetitive catchphrases IN-TI-MI-DATE, PRE-VAR-I-CATE, and IN-DOC-TRIN-ATE.

Dawkin space ship

A Dawkin spaceship prepares to invade some harmless planet.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the start of Dr Who, it has been confirmed that the Dawkins will re-appear as one of the Doctor's main opponents. Ray Cusick's heirs can be proud that his iconic design lives on after his death.


A young woman attempts to reason with the Dawkins.


  1. darling eccles - was he exterminated" xx Jess

    1. Dear Jessica

      Is that you in the picture, attempting to reason with the Dawkins?

    2. Looks like it, but it was no use, he already knew it all xx Jess

  2. Eccles, I enjoyed your photograph of the current Conservative leadership assembling outside the Houses of Parliament during the final drive to enforce queer marriage on the nation. "Emasculate! Emasculate! Emasculate!"

  3. Darling eccles - you is missin the Sunday feast - and we is missin you xx Jess