This is me, Eccles

This is me, Eccles
This is me, Eccles

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Scribbler Cards accused of corrupting children

As related elsewhere, a company called Scribbler Cards has been criticised for displaying disgusting Valentine cards in their shop window, where children could be expected to see them.

I want to read the Tablet with you

One of the cards, making a particularly indecent suggestion.

A spokesman for the organization Child Eyes commented: "It is shocking that young children should see such revolting cards; who knows what sort of emotional scarring could be caused to tender minds?"

Sing Shine, Jesus, Shine, to me, baby

More lewd practices that could damage children.

Sensitive to this hostile criticism, Scribbler cards have now agreed not to display the offensive cards where young people might see them, and have produced a new design, which could not possibly offend anyone.

as lovely as Tina Beattie

What the true romantic will send.


  1. The first is partickly nasty, as we find lots of teenage girls on the Pill.

  2. If people are taking the Tablet on a regular basis what does it say about their theological fecundity or other side-effects?

    Does one need a prescription? Is it covered by the NHS?

    If it doesn’t work, can you take it back or bring suit for false advertizing?

  3. The worst is The Tablet calls itself "Catholic" which is the lewdest and most explicit form of abuse.

  4. As "Scribe" is hidden deceitfully in the name, we know where these come from!

  5. Darling eccles - those cards oughtta have a healf warnin' xx Jess :)